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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Authentic Art Deco Fireplace

Art deco is a type of design style that inspired all designs, from interior designing, fashion, jewelries, architecture, furniture, and even fireplaces. Art deco started during the 1920s and prospered up to the 1940s. Even though art deco became famous and loved by many people all over the world, art deco design has dominated North America and Europe. Many people loved art deco back during the art deco period, because, art deco’s style focuses on elegance and modernity. For fireplaces during the 1920s onwards, functionality is not only taken into consideration but also how it can make a room look nice.

Art Deco Fireplaces

Authentic Art Deco Fireplace

If you are having problems in identifying or determining whether a certain fireplace is an authentic art deco fireplace, then knowing the basics about materials used and designs for an art deco fireplace might be helpful. Authentic art deco fireplace commonly features bold and sleek designs with colors of high contrast, and sleek motifs.

Tips in Identifying an Art Deco Fireplace

  1. Authentic art deco fireplaces feature sweeping curves and bold edging. First thing you have to look in an art deco fireplace is the lines and curves. Aside from the lines and curves, also keep in mind that an art deco fireplace is assyemtrical.
  2. Most art deco design fireplaces are much taller when compared to its width. Authentic art deco design is usually vertically made than horizontally.
  3. Look for ceramic tiles, marble, or faience around the fireplace to know if that fireplace is an art deco design or no. Usually, those 3 materials mentioned are the common choices in making an art deco fireplace. Fireplaces made of stone and/or bricks are not authentic art deco design fireplace.
  4. Colors used in making art deco fireplaces are usually highly contrasting colors that are closed together. High contrast colors that are usually used in an art deco fireplace are black and white, or strong and deep shades of blue, purple, green, and yellow.
  5. Motifs of art deco fireplace are commonly Tudor roses, long rectangles with small squares, zigzag lines, dramatic stylized borders, geometric shapes, stacked arched, jagged edging, and/or stepped lines.
  6. Common metal material used in making an art deco fireplace was cast iron. Cast iron was used in making the fire back, firebox, and grate. If you’re confused whether a certain fireplace is an authentic art deco fireplace, just check on the embellishments and decorative feature of the art deco era.