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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Bathroom with Art Deco Design

Back to the years of 1920s up to 1930s, Art Deco Design was very popular and in fact, art deco design was considered to be a type of contemporary design style. Art deco design is a type of eclectic art, which drew several different elements from various sources. Art deco design style even gets influence from different countries and culture all around the world, usually from Egypt and Africa. Art deco design is considered to be a design style full of glamour, sophistication, sleek, and modern. In fact, cubism and futurism were also associated and played a role during the art deco design period.

Art Deco Design: Bathroom

Art Deco Bathroom Design

No matter where art deco design is used, it should be defined by a clean appearance, since art deco design is very well known for its minimalism. If you are planning in making a bathroom with art deco design, you should give it a minimalist appearance and feel, such as creating a clean and uncluttered appearance in your bathroom. In making your bathroom uncluttered and clean, always have a drawer or small closet for all your toiletries and other things for your bathroom, that way, your bathroom will be free from clutter and your bathroom will always be clean.

Materials to Use for Your Bathroom with Art Deco Design

Before starting decorating your bathroom, you should take into consideration the kinds of materials used way back for art deco design. Always remember that art deco design is a type of glamorous, sophisticated, elegant, and contemporary design style. To successfully give your bathroom an art deco design appearance and feel, you can use lacquer, stainless steel, wood, zebra skin, shark skin, aluminum, and/or copper materials. Those material mentioned can help in achieving the Art Deco Design appearance and feel in your bathroom.

Art Deco Design Color for Your Bathroom

Light Blue and Soft Green Color Scheme for Art Deco Bathroom

Choosing the right color combinations is very important for art deco design. You have to consider the size of your bathroom when choosing the color schemes, since if you do not choose appropriate colors, then maybe your bathroom may look smaller. Commonly, pastel colors are used for art deco design inspired bathrooms. You can also choose colors that can enhance the architectural interest of your space. Colors black, silver, white, light blue, and soft green are also quite common for art deco design inspired bathrooms.

Adding Accessories to Your Art Deco Design Inspired Bathroom

Accessories can add life to your art deco design inspired bathroom. However, you should always keep in mind the “minimalist” nature of art deco design. Do not add too much accessories to avoid over-cluttering of your bathroom. You can add accessories made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and/or natural quality of wood that is highly lacquered. Using accessories made with those materials can help in achieving the art deco design.

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