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Black Women 1920s Fashion

Black American women played very big roles in the Great Migration history from the southern parts of the United States going to the northern parts of the United States searching for descent work and even the freedom to live their lives with dignity and respect. Black American women from the southern parts of the United States during the 1920s were more confined and they dressed conservatively when compared to black American women from the North. Regardless with the skin color or race of women during the 1920s, fashion for all women during the 1920s will greatly depend according to their class and/or social standing.


Black Women 1920s Fashion

The Great Migration during the 1920s provided black American women opportunities to work and to live a life with dignity. However, even during the Great Migration, black American women either who lived in the South or North, racial and workplace isolation that usually relegated black American women to domestic positions. For black women domestics, straight sheaths with hems just below the knee were for thin ones and for larger women, dresses were ankle-length with flared skirts. Both dresses for thin and larger women featured square collars and front button down. Waistlines of black American women domestics were usually trimmed with belts and fabrics used were commonly the cheapest and thinnest type.


Approximately 30% of all Black American women during the 1920s who were working are from the non-domestic workforce sector. Professional black women earned more money since they were allowed to work outside from home. What professional black women wore to work during the 1920s were usually dresses that were calf-length, billowy, and banded in the waist area. Fabrics used for professionals during the 1920s were commonly silk, crepe de Chine, taffeta, and/or satin.


During the 1920s, there were black American women who were entertainers. For them to effectively entertain their audiences, they will not only need their talents, they will also need to look ravishing and very presentable on stage. For black American women from the 1920s who were entertainers, they loved wearing outlandish outfits. Dresses for entertainers during the 1920s ranged from sleeveless dresses that were cut very low in both back and front, and it can either be designed with rhinestones, beads or even glitters. If black women entertainers from the 1920s were needed to wear gowns, gowns can either be long-length gowns or it can also be short-length gowns.