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Cakewalk Dance

Cakewalk- Dance Of Ages; But Still Alive

In the history of dance, cakewalk is known as a great dance style and there are countless people around the world, who got fascinated towards this dance style. There are several videos on cakewalk dance style and once you see those videos, then you will realize the distinctiveness and uniqueness of this dance style. Though, the history says that Cakewalk was died in year 1920s, but after this period, it again emerged as its traces had been seen in dance style named Lindy Hop. This article will help you learning all about cakewalk dance and how it emerged and things that make it distinctive dance form.

Let’s Read On Cakewalk Dance History

Like all dance styles, cakewalk dance style has a rich history. This dance style is originally known as chalk line walk and it got popular in 1850. It started in Florida. It is said that some African – American slaves contributed a lot to this dance and it is with their effort that this dance come into light. These slaves got the base idea of this dance from solemnly couple walking. If you have ever seen cakewalk dance, you must know that mostly the cakewalk movements consist to body bending to backside and hand dropping to wrists with others.


Cakewalk Dance & Core Idea It Follows

The main idea of cakewalk dance is the promenading of a couple in particular manner, kicking, and high stepping and mimicking high society of whitey. The name cakewalk was taken from an activity of plantation owners who used to bake a special kind of cake which is called hoecake. This cake is wrapped in leaf of cabbage and after making the cake, they invite their friends and conduct a slaves’ contest. In this contest, they distribute different prizes in which males are given hoecake and for ladies, candy was pulled. Thus, which slave wins the contest, gets the cake or candy.

Emergence & Development Of Cakewalk Dance Style

This dance style was originated in year 1850 and in time of 1895 to 1905, it was highly famous. Around 1915, cakewalk got resurgence and it is believed that it grew after civil war. As time was passing, this dance style brought changes in clothing and style of that time. Going through the history of cakewalk dance, it is evident that it is first dance of America that has crossed black/white society from stage performance to ballroom performance. At that time, it seemed to be a window for dances of America and Africa to get entry in white society.

Certain Features Of Cakewalk Dance Style

In cakewalk dance, chalk line walk and breakdown seems to be mixed. Initially, it was named as chalk line walk, but with time, it was renamed as cakewalk. In this dance, performers used to paint faces in black color and when the performance lasts, the time for grand finale comes and this time was called as the time for cakewalk. This dance includes some breaks in strutting and prancing.