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Charlie Chaplin – Best Silent Movie Stars

Charlie Chaplin – Great Silent Movie Star Of 1920s

In 1920’s movie stars, Charlie Chaplin is a prevalent artist who is known as the best silent movie star. The comedic wit and expressive demeanor of this star has built legacy which has kept popularized for decades. There will be hardly any person who is not familiar with the name of this artist. To know more and more about Charlie Chaplin, get on relevant information from here. This article will help you learning several milestones’ of Charlie Chaplin’s life.

Early Life Of Charlie Chaplin

The full name of this silent movie star is Charles Spencer Chaplin who was born on April 1889 in England. In initial days of life, Charlie Chaplin has experienced very tough time. He spent this period in orphanage, poor rooms and sate poorhouses. His father was an actor and vocalist. His mother was an actress and a singer. When Charlie Chaplin was 5 years old, he first got to the stage and when he has reached to 10 years, his father got died. After that, he and his brother were forced to earn for them and they found theatre as a right platform for them.

Charlie Chaplin – Best Silent Movie Stars

Notable Accomplishments Of Chaplin’s Lifetime

In accomplishments of Charlie Chaplin, tap dancing contributed a lot to his success. He was a brilliant tap dancer which he was performing in a group named The Eight Lancashire Lads. Apart of it, he gained amazing kind of quality from his poverty which he used in Tramp character. This character got popular in Charlie’s film career. For the extraordinary talent, expressive grace, flawless inventiveness and impeccable timing, Charlie Chaplin was named as one on the superb 1920’s Movie Stars.

Achievements Of Charlie Chaplin

In year 1912, Chaplin was signed by Mack Sennet for keystone studios and after this bond, he did around 35 movies of this production. After completing 35 movies, he transferred to other production which is Essanay Studios. There, he got a signing bonus for $ 10,000 which was truly exceptional. After that, in year 1916, Chaplin received another signing bonus for $ 150,000 and at that time, he was first actor earning a fee for $ 1 million. The success of Charlie Chaplin encouraged people to get him on comic books, dances, songs and dolls.

Talkie Films Of Charlie Chaplin

It is said that for long time, Charlie Chaplin was seen opposing talkie films such as The Jazz Singer. But, later he worked in his first talkie film named The Great Dictator in year 1940.The last Chaplin’s silent film was Gold Rush. The work in Gold Rush film was quite different in comparison to work he did in past years. The film was dealing with serious subjects like murder and cannibalism. Though, this film got victory on screen. In his lifetime, Charlie Chaplin had named two Oscar awards to his credit.