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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Children’s 1920s Formal Outfits

During the 1920s, there was a rise to the popularity of the flapper fashion. 1920s was also known as the art deco period. The 1920s was also an era of decadence and poverty. The stock market during the said period crashed down and by the end of the 1920s era, there was a very great change on how people live, especially in Americans. Changes were not only how people live, there were also remarkable changes in people’s fashion sense, including fashion sense in children. Children during the 1920s were worn with dresses fit for the occasion they’re going to attend, such as formal events or informal events.

Formal Outfit for Girls: Dress

Girls’ 1920s Formal Outfits

Girls from the 1920s were always worn with dresses. Their dresses were usually designed to look like their dresses were made with multiple pieces, but in reality, their dresses were only a single piece. The length of the dress will usually be until slightly above the knee and the collar of the dress will be laid flat across the neck. There is also another type of neck style of girls’ dresses during the 1920s, the boat neck style. In boat neck style, the collar will be laid flat across the collar bone. In general, dresses of girls for formal events were styled and decorated with lots of ribbons and bows.

Formal Outfit for Boys: Suits

Children’s 1920s Formal Outfits

Boys’ formal outfit during the 1920s was widely suits. There is one kind of suit that is one of the most loved suits by young boys during the 1920s, the bolero suit. In a bolero suit, the jacket or the top of the outfit is made with the same material or cloth as the shorts. The shorts in a bolero suit  will always fall above the wearer’s knee. The jacket of a bolero suit always has sleeves that will stop above the wrist, making the sleeves of the undershirt poke out. In a bolero suit, it is usually made with a rounded collar that overhangs on top of the jacket.

Shoes for Formal Occasions

For boys, black leather shoe or black patent leather slip-on shoes were always used when they go to formal occasions. And for girls, t-strap shoes or ankle strap shoe or sandals were always used when they go to formal occasions. In an ankle strap shoe, there’s a small button that is located near the ankle that will hold the strap in place.