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Children’s 1920s Hairstyle

During the 1920s, children’s hairstyle were not different from the hairstyles of adults, as a matter of fact, both hairstyles of children and adults are similar and only have very little variations when it came to their hair accessories. Hairstyles during the 1920s were inspired from the famous flapper fashion, which go for very flashy looks. However, children can’t carry too flashy looks because their clothes were not that similar with the designs of adult clothes. Clothes of adults during the 1920s were somehow revealing some skin, while clothes for children during the 1920s were more in comfort and for easy movement.

Girls’ Bob Haircut

Children’s 1920s Hairstyle

The bob haircut was very famous during the 1920s among women also referred to as flappers. Aside from women, the bob haircut was also famous among young girls. In bob haircuts, the hair is cut very short, revealing the nape of the wearer and the front portion of the hair is cut to frame the face. However, bob haircut in children differs slightly in women. Children usually wear or tie a big bow into their hair to give a more youthful look, which made it distinct from bob haircuts in older women.

Girls’ Shoulder Length Haircut

Not all young girls donned the bob haircut. There were quite a number of young girls who do not want to have their hair cut short. For those girls, their hair will be cut up to the shoulder level and then tied using a bow or ringlet curls. Styling shoulder length hair in girls during the 1920s was not complicated, what is needed to be done is that the hair will first be combed out, then a ribbon will be wrapped around the girl’s head from the nape area passing behind the ears up to the top of the head, where the ribbon will be tied in a bow.

Boys’ 1920s Hairstyle

During the 1920s, boys’ hairstyle was most of the time cut short and then parted to one side and then the hair will be combed backward to make a neat appearance and for it to be emphasized that the hair is parted. Before the hair is combed and parted, it will first be moistened with water to make it easier. This type of hairstyle in boys came from earlier decades, since this type of hairstyle did not change as much as years pass by.