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Children’s Fashion during the 1920s

During the 1920s, not only the fashion statement has changed in younger adults to adults, but also in children. Children’s fashion during the 1920s started to change. Years before the 1920s, children, both boys and girls are wearing dresses or clothes with several layers and laces. Just like the changes in the fashion statement in adults, children’s clothes during the 1920s became simpler. Generally, materials used in making children’s clothes were lighter and the laces were dramatically reduced. Knitted jerseys and buttoned down cardigans were also loved by children during the 1920s.

Children’s Clothes during the 1920s

Children’s Fashion during the 1920s

Younger children wore some certain style of clothes during the 1920s. Both girl and boy babies were usually dressed in rompers with side snaps. And when babies grow into children, they will then be dressed with coats and various colors of canvas shoes. And there is one undergarment that is widely used by both girls and boys, it is the union suit. Hairstyles of children during the 1920s were usually cut short and girls usually don big bows in their hairstyles.

Boys’ Clothing during the 1920s

Modern styles of clothes during the 1920s became famous. Back before 1920s, boys’ clothes were mostly shorts paired with long stockings and slowly, boys’ outfit evolved into knee high stocking and short pants. The zipper was created during 1924, but even so, boys during the decade are still using button closures for their pants and not zippers. During the 1920s, the kicker suit was popular among boys and lace-up shoes were also famous during the period, instead of using high-top boots that were widely used before 1920s. For head accessories, hats were also popular among boys, specifically berets and brimmed caps, which both are cloth hats.

Girls’ Clothing during the 1920s

Girls from the 1920s were into simple and light outfits that come in cheerful colors. Cheerful color in a way that the prints of their clothes look so alive, such as flower prints, striped prints, and other patterns. As mentioned above, union suits were both girls’ and boys’ common undergarment, however, there are some girls during the 1920s who used slips, pantaloons or petticoats as alternatives to union suits. Just like boys who no longer wore boots, girls also weren’t wearing lace up boots. Girls back in the 1920s were already wearing low cut shoes that usually have buckles on it or low cut shoes that are laced.