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Chrysler Building | Art Deco Design Architecture

One of the most famous and well recognized building with art deco design architecture is located at The East Side of Manhattan, 405 Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street in New York City, known as the Chrysler Building. Before the Empire State Building became the tallest architectural structure in the whole world in the year 1931, the Chrysler Building was considered to be the tallest architectural structure for 11 months. The Chrysler Building is at 1,046 feet or 319 meters tall and became the 2nd tallest building in New York after the destruction of the World Trade Center until December of 2007.

Chrysler Building as Art Deco Design Architecture

Art Deco Design Architecture: Chrysler Building

According to contemporary architects, the Chrysler building is considered to be one of the finest building located in New York City. In fact, the Chrysler building was ranked 9th by the American Institute of Architects in the “List of America’s Favorite Architecture”. Originally, during the 1930s up to the mid 1950s, the Chrysler Building was built and used as the headquarters of the Chrysler Corporation. However, Chrysler Corporation never owned the building, since they did not pay for the building’s construction. Walter P. Chrysler was the one who paid for the construction and became the owner of the Chrysler building.

History of the Art Deco Design Architecture, the Chrysler Building

Ground breaking for the Chrysler Building occurred on September 19, 1928. During that time, there was an intense competition on who would be the first to build the world’s tallest architectural structure in New York City. The architect Willian Van Alen designed the building for Walter P. Chrysler. The design of the Chrysler Building was originally called for a decorative jewel-like glass crown with the building’s base glass-wrapped corners, which makes an impression of the Chrysler Building to be light and floating in mid air. The Chrysler Building was the first building to surpass the 1,000 feet mark height for architectural buildings.

82nd Year Anniversary of the Art Deco Design Architecture, the Chrysler Building

Art Deco Design Interiors; Chrysler Building Lobby

This year (2012) marks the 82nd year anniversary since the Chrysler Building was built. Currently, the Chrysler Building is owned by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. Even up to 82 years after the building was built, the art deco design interiors were still preserved. When you go inside the Chrysler Building, you can see luxurious and glamorous art deco design details, such as Egyptian style motifs, Moroccan red marble walls, art deco design-inspired lightings, ceiling murals, and many more.