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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Cloche Hat during the 1920s

The art deco period or the 1920s were very well known with its new fashion style and statement by women. Women during the 1920s were referred to as flappers and sometimes, the fashion statement of women during the 1920s was called “flapper style” or “flapper fashion”. It was during the 1920s wherein there was an iconic era of fashion. Women from the 1920s were already daring and rebellious in a fashion sense. Even up to the present times, the fashion statement during the 1920s are still loved and followed by many women from various parts of the globe.

Hats during the 1920s

Cloche Hat during the 1920s

No outfit will ever be complete without any headdress or hats during the art deco period or during the 1920s. Both men and women from the 1920s love wearing hats for fashion purposes. Hats during the 1920s play a very big important role in their fashion statement. Everyone, even children and senior citizens love wearing hats no matter where they are going and what kind of occasion they are going to attend. However, the hats during the art deco period, specifically hats for women should go hand in hand with short hairstyles famous during the 1920s.

Cloche Hat during the 1920s

Cloche hats were worn as early as 1910s but it was during the 1920s wherein the use of cloche hats in women was very common. As mentioned earlier, cloche hats during the 1920s should come hand in hand with short hairstyles, such as the bob haircut. With both the cloche hat and the short hairstyle for women, it will then symbolize modernity of the wearer. It was Caroline Reboux who created the cloche hat by placing a length of felt around a woman’s head for cutting and molding it to make a cloche hat.

What is a Cloche Hat?

The cloche hat’s basic shape is like a bell shape perfectly fitted into a woman’s head. Cloche hats should hug the woman’s head, but it can also be designed to have a bulging crown. The optional bulging crown of a cloche hat’s primary focus is to enhance or add height to the wearer. Cloche hats were worn tilted and pulled down up to the wearer’s eyebrows and over the wearer’s ears. Eyes of the wearer will just have to peek out from below the hat’s brim and usually, the wearer will need to tilt their head upwards to see properly if the length of the cloche hat has almost completely covered the wearer’s eyes.