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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Common Art Deco Bedroom Colors

Art deco design first started during the 1920s. Even though art deco designed started almost 100 years ago, it is still very famous all over the world, and the design style is still influencing all areas of design, including architecture, furniture, jewelries, interior design, visual arts, film, etc. Distinct colors play a very big role in art deco design. There are certain color hues that when combined together or used solely, can really be a representation for an art deco design.

Art Deco Design Room Colors

When talking about colors of art deco design, people usually associate art deco colors with the colors they see on the South Beach section of Miami, which include tropical colors, such as bright pink, yellow, green, and blue pastels. The South Beach section in Miami usually comes to mind to most people when associating art deco design with architecture and interior design. The use of those relaxing and neutral colors are usually used in the art deco design bedrooms since those colors can induce relaxation, while using of other bold colors are usually done on other parts of the house, such as living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.

Neutral Colors for Art Deco Design Bedrooms

Art Deco Bedroom

As mentioned, using of neutral colors is advisable in for the interior design of bedrooms. Art deco neutral colors that are perfect for any bedrooms include cream, soft blue, gray, and black. Aside from painting the interiors of your bedroom with neutral colors, using metallic shades can give your room a more art deco design feeling. Using art deco design spreadsheets, carpet, furniture, and lightings can add your room more accent of art deco design.

Bold Colors for Art Deco Design Bedrooms

As mentioned earlier, bold colors are usually used in other rooms in the house except for bedrooms. However, it does not mean that bold colors can’t be used at any bedrooms. In fact, bold colors can be used in any art deco design bedrooms, but only as accents or shades. Bold colors include purple, bright yellow, bright blue and bright green. Those colors can be added to neutral colors in your art deco design bedrooms. Aside from using bold colors as accents and shades of the color of walls, but furniture, blankets, pillow cases, and other decorative items can come in bold colors to add more art deco design feel inside your bedroom.