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Cost Cutting Tips in Purchasing Engagement Rings

Wedding expenses are very expensive, and it is no wonder that most couples who are planning to get married are thinking of money saving alternatives to help in saving a lot of money. Most couples do cost cutting when purchasing engagement rings, since engagement rings usually cost at around $3,000 up, especially when you choose vintage engage  rings, such as art deco engagement rings. However, if you do not know how to properly cost cut when purchasing an engagement ring, you can possibly purchase an engagement ring of a very low quality and design style.

Prioritization of the Engagement Ring’s Price

Cost Cutting Tips in Purchasing Engagement Rings

You have to keep in mind that most engagement rings are expensive because they are of high quality and they look nice. Characteristics of engagement rings are one of the most important factors in determining the price value. You have to always compare if the price of the engagement ring you are planning to purchase is just right for the quality, material, stone, and setting of the engagement ring. Purchasing and budgeting for engagement rings is usually an effort for both couples, and it should be talked about to avoid conflicts in the near future.

Prioritization of Engagement Rings

If possible, couples can make an excel spreadsheet or a simple table in a piece of paper about the ranking in terms of importance of the quality and materials used in their engagement rings. Here are the materials and other factors that should be prioritized when planning on purchasing engagement rings.

  • Band Type or Metal Material Used – Gold, Silver, White Gold, Platinum, etc.
  • Stones Used – Diamonds, Precious stones, ruby, onyx, pearl, etc. Shape of the stone, cut of the stone, shape, and the quality should be taken into consideration.
  • Ring Settings – settings play a very important role in making every engagement ring look classy and beautiful.
  • Ring Style – You have to determine what ring style you wish to have, whether you want a vintage engagement ring, such as art deco engagement ring, solitaires, etc.

Easy Cost Cutting Tips

  • Choosing low karat value metals for the metal bands can really save you a lot of money. There are many low karat value metals that can really look class and elegant, compared to other high karat value metals.
  • Metal types differ in prices. If you choose metal types that are less expensive. However, you have to talk to your partner regarding the less expensive metal, maybe your partner will not be in favor about the idea.