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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Design Your Interior with an Exclusive Art Deco Wall Clock

If you’re planning to buy a wall clock for your recently renovated home, then we recommend that you buy Art Deco wall clock. These clocks feature classic geometric shapes and lines of the Art Deco period that will add beauty to your interiors.

Some wall clocks are designed in a very elegant and simple manner, while others may be more fantastical or intricate. But all of these clocks present a true picture of the artistry of the 1920s. Whether you’re looking to buy multiple Art Deco wall clocks or just looking for a unique piece to complement your beautiful décor, I will make you familiar with all these clocks so that you can make an informed decision while shopping for Art Deco wall clocks.

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Important Elements of Art Deco Period

The art deco movement came into existence within the Industrial Age. A true Art Deco vintage is one that features straight lines, machine-like drawings, and geometric shapes. Though, art deco movement began in 1920s, it was based on designs that appear futuristic to modern eyes.

What You Need to Know While Shopping for an Art Deco Wall Clock?

There are lots of shapes that you can find while buying Art Deco wall clocks. The first thing to consider while shopping is to decide what color and design type will fit your home décor? However, these clocks are so archetypal that you will appreciate its beauty and feasibility to adapt to nearly every type of decorating scheme.

Following are some exemplary features that you should keep in mind when purchasing Art Deco wall clocks.

Wood – During the days of art deco, inlaid wood was widely used to make decorative items and especially wall clocks. So if you are looking for a wall clock made out of wood in an Art Deco style look for marquetry detailing, exotic woods such as mahogany or ebony or high gloss veneer.

Bold Colors – The main highlight of the art deco period was the use of bold & attractive colors such as emerald green, canary yellow, bright red, peacock blue and royal purple. If you are looking to enhance your décor beauty by adding different colors, then look for an Art Deco wall clock with rich jewel tones. A black and white themed wall clock with streamlined, contemporary visual which gained a huge popularity in the 1920’s and 1930s is also a good option to buy.

Metallic – You can find these wall clocks in any vintage retail store. The metallic Art Deco wall clock usually features design made using bronze, gold, chrome, steel and silver materials. The look very futuristic and goes well with any type of decoration theme.

Geometric Pattern – Another important and most distinctive feature of Art Deco wall clock is the use of sharp line and geometric patterns such as chevrons, zigzags or simply a triangle. Round shaped wall clock also gained the most popularity during the 1920s. This design can be very easily found.

Know More

Keeping these above key consideration in mind, you can never go wrong in selecting the best art deco wall clock for your interiors. For more articles on how to design your interiors using art deco, please click here.