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Different Designs of Cloche Hat

Cloche hats were very famous and widely used by women in any occasions during the 1920s or art deco period. During the 1920s, a woman’s outfit or getup will never be complete without a cloche hat. Cloche hats were not first used in the 1920s, well in fact, cloche hats were already used as early as 1910s, but during the 1910s, cloche hats were not as popular and loved like the 1920s. Cloche hats during the 1920s were worn hand in hand with a short haircut famous during the art deco period, specifically the bob haircut. A short haircut and a cloche hat, it then symbolizes modernity during the 1920s.

How are Cloche Hats Made?

Different Designs of Cloche Hat

Due to the simplicity of the construction of the cloche hat, during the 1920s, it was not complicated to mass reproduce cloche hats. Most of the cloche hats sold in the market during the 1920s was made of felt. Felt was commonly used, since felt can easily be formed into shape and it can also conform well to the head. Mass produced cloche hats during the 1920s were either brimless cloche hats or cloche hats with brims.

Decoration Designs for Cloche Hats

Decoration designs of cloche hats are not overly dramatic and complicated. As a matter of fact, cloche hats with decorations that are very minimal were more preferred by women during the 1920s. Decoration designs of cloche hats were usually asymmetrical, meaning, decorations were usually found on only one side of the cloche hat. Most of the time, ribbons, art deco design jeweled clips, and ribbons were used as a decoration in making cloche hats. Those decorations mentioned are types of “flat” decorations. And sometimes, cloche hats are designed using appliqués.

How Did the People See the Cloche Hat During the 1920s?

The rise of popularity of cloche hats during the 1920s played a very big role in the major shift in women’s fashion statement. Women from the 1920s already started to wear more casual outfits and loose clothing rather than wearing clothes that are tight that can be physically restrictive. Cloche hats can help in making casual outfits of women from the 1920s to be more stylish. During the 1920s, wherein the use of cloche hats was new, many people find it a type of scandalous fashion statement. However, but once many people already used cloche hats, the fashion statement became more accepted.