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Erte- Great Maestro Of Art Deco Design

Erte An Influential Art Deco Artist Of 20s

When discussing about art deco artists and their admirable work, one cannot forget the name of Romain De Tirtoff who was mainly famous with the name of Erte. Erte is known as an influential art deco artist who did marvelous job in art deco design. The art deco paintings made by Erte became world’s highly iconic heritage. Several modern artists take inspiration from art deco paintings of Erte. His work did not only influence art but also the culture of the world. Read on various aspects of this art deco artist and his contribution to world art tradition.

A Journey Towards The Life Of Erte


This art deco artist, Erte was born in 1892 and in 1990, passed away. In his lifetime, he put great impact over world art scene. In 1910, he firstly came into light. That moment, he shifted to Paris; there he started working as a designer. After that, he collaborated with a famous magazine named Harper’s Bazar in 1915 and in this project, he had to paint around 200 covers of the magazine. Around 1920 to 1930, Erte designed many dresses and outfits for Opera stars and actresses. This work directly influenced ordinary women and thus, Erte became quite famous among people of all categories.

Unique Style Of Erte Brought Him Great Notoriety

Erte – In The Arctic Sea

Indeed, the style and taste that Erte brought up through his creations did a great job to bring great notoriety to him. His style was truly unique. It is not that Erte was only designer of that time, but there were many other designers; however the work of Erte had simply a unique approach. His designs seem capturing the true essence of a generation. The unique work and true fragrance of art deco made people called Erte the father of Art Deco Design.

Art Deco Movement & Erte’s Work

To provoke the art deco design all around the world, Erte’s contribution is quite significant. His thoughts put straight influence on art deco movement. His work extended to architecture, plays, books, culture and cinema. The art deco paintings of Erte got famous everywhere and people in all countries appreciated his paintings a lot. Although after 1930s, Art deco movement started declining; but it was not so with Erte. Art deco and Erte both showed the resilience and earned vast appreciation from world during 1960s.

The Art Deco Paintings By Erte

Erte did spectacular work in art deco paintings. His paintings are easy to recognize. The paintings by Erte were exhibited in London and New York exhibitions where it get remarkable success. The success of exhibition encourages Erte to try his hand in further work like bronze sculptures and graphics. Although, there is a long list of popular art deco paintings by Erte, but the painting – Symphony in Black is such an iconic piece. This painting portrays a woman wearing black dress and is quite slim and tall.  This painting brought Erte exclusive popularity.