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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Eye Makeup Style during the Art Deco Period

Dramatic and dark eyes during the art deco period or during the 1920s were widely loved by women, which were also referred to as “flappers”. Women from the 1920s were referred to as “flappers” because it was during the 1920s when women were starting to rebel and stand on their own two feet. One way of showing women’s rebellious side was through fashion. Fashion in the sense of clothes, hairstyles, and even how they wear their makeup. Makeup style during the 1920s had a distinct style, wherein if women during the present time recreate the 1920s makeup style, anyone can easily determine from which time or period the look was totally inspired from.

1920s Eye Makeup Style

Eye Makeup Style during the Art Deco Period

As mentioned above, the famous eye makeup style during the 1920s were dark and dramatic. The colors or color shades usually used for eye makeup during the 1920s were black and dark grey. However, during the late 1920s, women started to use the colors turquoise and greens as their eye makeup as well. To decide whether how dark and dramatic a woman will make her eyes during the 1920s will greatly depend on whether she is going for a daytime look or an evening look.

Recreate the 1920s Eye Makeup Style

To recreate the dramatic eye makeup style of the 1920s, you have to first and foremost get hold of the essential eye makeup materials, such as:

  • Black eyeliner, may it be gel, pencil, or liquid eyeliner.
  • Black Mascara
  • Black Eyeshadow
  • Eyeshadow brushes


Apply the eyeliner to both upper and lower eyelids on both eyes. Make sure that the line you draw using the eyeliner of choice (pencil, gel, or liquid) should be 2mm thick and not super thick. I know that eyeliner application is kind of complicated to do; however, eyeliner application takes trial and error. I suggest using a liquid eyeliner for the upper eyelids and a sharp pencil eyeliner for the lower eyelids.


Choose a dark eyeshadow color, preferably the color black, and apply it across the whole eyelid, using an eyeshadow brush. Make sure that you are going to stop applying the eyeshadow just inline where your eyeliner ended. Sweep the eyeshadow upwards (going to the eyebrow). Leave a gap between your eyebrow and the eyeshadow. The gap between the eyeshadow and eyebrow will greatly depend on how you like to look. If possible, try to use your fingers or another brush with no eyeshadow whatsoever to gently smudge the edges of your eyeshadow for a more natural look and a not so overly dramatic look.


The mascara application will be the last part in doing an eye makeup. Apply a black mascara thickly at the top and bottom eyelashes. If you wish to make your eyelashes look thicker and darker, you can apply 2 coats of black mascara.