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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Eyebrows Makeup Style during the Art Deco Period

During the 1920s or the art deco period, there is a very great emphasis on women’s eyebrows. The eyebrows play a very big role in completing one’s look, the “flapper” look during the art deco period. The women during the 1920s were called or referred as “flappers”, since they have a distinct fashion style and even makeup style. It was during the 1920s when women were starting to be rebellious and one way of showing their rebellious side is through the  clothes they wear, how they wear it, their hairstyle, and last but not the least, their makeup style.

Materials Needed for your Eyebrows:

Eyebrows Makeup Style during the Art Deco Period

In order to achieve or recreate the eyebrow makeup you will need to get hold of the right materials and makeup. Here are the essential materials and makeup when recreating the eyebrow makeup style during the art deco period:

  1. Eyebrow puller or eyebrow tweezers
  2.  Eyebrow Comb
  3. Black Eyebrow Pencil Liner
  4. Black Mascara

Art Deco Period Eyebrow Style

Just what I mentioned earlier, the art deco eyebrow makeup style plays a very big role in completing a recreated flapper look. During the 1920s, eyebrows of women are very thin and are sloped downwards using a dark eyebrow pencil, specifically the colors brown and black. If you do not have an eyebrow pencil, you can use an eyeliner pencil. There are even some women who shave all their eyebrows off, and just use an eyebrow pencil directly. To add emphasis to the eyebrows, a shade darker than the original color of the eyebrows was always used.

How to Recreate the Art Deco Period Eyebrow Makeup Style

  1. Comb all your eyebrows using an eyebrow brush or comb to groom your eyebrows and make them look even. If you see and stray hairs, tweeze them out to get a clean finish look.
  2. Use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow pencil in coloring or filling your eyebrows. Make sure that you are going to draw your eyebrows in one singular swift strokes going outwards.
  3. Make sure that the slope when drawing your eyebrows should be going downwards. Just make sure that you are consistent in following the shape of your original eyebrow.
  4. During the art deco period, eyebrows that are drawn or made to look longer are very common, since making eyebrows look longer give a more dramatic effect to the overall “flapper” look.