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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Famous Art Deco Design Artists

Art deco design or art deco is a type of eclectic design style that started in Paris during the 1920s. Art deco design became famous and widely used internationally during the 1930s. Art deco design has influenced all areas of design, including interior designing, architecture, furniture, fashion, jewelry, painting, graphic arts, film, and industrial design. Art deco design is a kind of style that is all about style, glamour, elegance, and stylish pieces that are designed with symmetrical lines, bold colors with higher contrasts, and geometric patterns, which are and will always be loved by many people. Up to the present time, art deco design is still very famous and is widely used by many people all over the world.

Art Deco Design Artists

Clarice Cliff

A lot of different art deco design artists or art deco artists have grown in popularity over the years. However, there are two distinct and very famous art deco design artists of all time, who were Clarice Cliff and Sussie Cooper. Aside from Clarice Cliff and Sussie Cooper, there are still a lot of famous art deco design artists from different places, including:

  • Norman Bel Geddes
  • Pierre Chareau
  • Donald Deskey
  • Raymond Hood
  • Rene Lalique
  • Maurice Marinot
  • Robert Mallet-Stevens
  • Timothy Pfleuger
  • Hans Poelzig
  • Armand Albert Rateau
  • Jacques Emile Ruhlmann

Art Deco Design Artists Influences

The style of art deco design was taken or was influenced by a number of artists way back. Art deco design was greatly influenced by some cubist painters, including Fernand Leger, Picasso, Braque, and many more.

Other Famous Art Deco Design Artists

  • Andre Leon Arbus(Art Deco Designer, 1903 – 1969) – After graduating from the Ecole des Beaux Arts, he joined Toulouse cabinet making firm, which was owned by his father. Cabinets made were exhibited in Paris Salons during 1926 onwards. Arbus exhibited his work at International Exhibition on 1935 at Brussels, 1937 at Paris, and 1939 at New York. Arbus was awarded the Prix Blumenthal (1935).

    A.M Cassandre

  • A.M Cassandre (Art Deco Artist and Designer, 1901 – 1968) –He studied painting and was a close friend to many famous Parisian avant-garde society during the 1920s, including Apollinaire and Fernand Leger. Cassandre’s poster designs were a combination of bold images with stylized simplicity and contemporary typefaces. A.M Cassandre was able to design 3 typefaces, including Bifur in 1929, L’Acier in 1930, and Peignet in 1937, which made him a famous art deco design artist and designer.