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Fedora Hat during the 1920s

During the 1920s there were a lot of changes, drastic changes in not just people’s personality but also to both men and women’s fashion statement. The 1920s was even considered to be an iconic era in fashion. During the 1920s, people were very particular with what they wear and what accessories they use. They consider accessories to be a necessity, since without wearing accessories their outfit or wardrobe will never be complete. Hats were one of the most famous and widely used fashion accessories during the 1920s to both men and women alike. Hats during the 1920s were always used to complete the looks for both men and women fashionably.

What is a Fedora Hat?

Fedora Hat during the 1920s

A fedora hat was a fashion hat with character. Even though fedora hats were not first used during the 1920s, it was during the 1920s when fedora hats boomed and widely used by most people. As a matter of fact, fedora hats were used as early as 1891. Fedora hats are medium-brimmed hats designed with an indentation at the top of the fedora hat’s crown or referred to as the C-crown to give an allowance to the wearer’s head. During the 1920s or even earlier than the 1920s, the material used in making fedora hats was felt. These days, fedora hats are now made using various different materials and not just felt, including straw, canvas, and many more.

Where did Fedora Hats Come From?

As mentioned above, fedora hats were first used during the 1890s. The term or the name fedora was taken from a French play during 1882, Fedora. The main character of the play Fedora was a heroine named Princess Fedora. One decade later, the fedora hat became a female fashion accessory, but not for all women. Fedora hats were only a fashion accessory for upper-class Western women.

Fedora Hats for Men

It did not take too long before the popularity of fedora hats reached the male population. Fedora hats became famous as fashion hats for men and were even quite famous in urban areas. Fedora hats of men in urban areas were not only used as a fashion accessory, fedora hats worn by men in urban areas were also for protection from direct exposure to sunlight. And during the 1920s, fedora hats in men were staple accessories in most wardrobes and even up to the present time, fedora hats are still in and widely used by many people all over the world.