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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Fisher Building – An Art Deco Masterpiece

Things To Know About Fisher Building

If you have ever heard the name of the famous Fisher Building, then you must know that it is known as art deco masterpiece. It is listed as the most attractive building around the world and people love visiting here due to its design and innovative style. It is a building which has 28 stories of granite and marble with double 11 story wings. The building has founded by William and Alfred Fisher who later named this building as Fisher Building. While developing this masterpiece, they have used art deco design. This building project has designed and developed by famous architect of Detroit named Albert Kahn and Fisher Building has become the most famous, largest and appreciated work by him.

Luxurious Interior Used In fisher Building To Make It Art Deco Masterpiece

The interior used in this art deco building is simply amazing and quite lavish. Watching the interior, you must observe the extravagance and luxurious appeal of art deco design. Art deco design which represents the prosperity and  luxury of 20s can completely witness over fisher building. To make it the most fascinating interior, several famous artists have contributed named Geza Maroti. The Geza Maroti was famed for work of crafts and arts in twenties. In this art deco design interior, stone carving, plasterwork and bronze work has used.

Key Features of Fisher Building

Fisher Building – An Expensive Masterpiece Of 20s

This is a grand building where several types of offices, a theater, restaurant, art galleries, parking garage etc. are housed inside. So, it is used for multipurpose. The theatre in this building is designed with Mayan interior which gives amazing lavish appearance by its macaws and banana trees.  Until 1961, this theater was used as movie house. It looks quite modernistic and vast as it has approximately 2 thousand seats where people enjoy concerts or other cultural programs. So, it is a great building with amazing usages that make it an art deco masterpiece.

Fisher Building – An Expensive Masterpiece Of 20s

To create a unique masterpiece of art deco design, Fishers have appointed famous architect of that time Albert Kahn who has designed it in $9 million. It was highly expensive work of that time and the beauty of this Fisher building is still live and attracting people in every country. In this masterpiece, maximum expense has invested on its luxury materials and art work. By such extravagance, the owners of this building were trying to boast for their wealth in front of the world and this aim has been achieved eventually.

Art Deco Design Has Made Fisher Building The Most Recognizable Sight

Due to the astonishing appeal and style of art deco design, the fisher building has become a masterpiece and a recognized sight of the world. The golden tower in this art deco masterpiece is highly famous in Detroit and is known as the largest art form of Detroit. This is such a dynamic building and every part of this building is unique for its design and interior which is completely engulfed with art deco design.