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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Flapper Makeup Style

During the art deco period (1920s), there were dramatic economic growth, dramatic changes in fashion, and women start to feel independent and rebellious. One way of women trying to show them being rebellious is through makeup. The women from the 1920s were called “flappers”, and flappers were characterized by their super short hairstyles (usually the bob haircut), porcelain-like skin tone, dark and heavy eye makeup. The fashion style and makeup style of flappers during the 1920s played a very big important role in the evolution of fashion and makeup trend during that time until the present time.

How to Do Flapper Makeup Style

Flapper Makeup Style

In order to correctly recreate or follow the flapper makeup style during the 1920s, you will have to know the basics about their makeup style, the right way to apply makeup, and you should have the right makeup. Here are easy tips on how to successfully and beautifully recreate the flapper makeup style:

  1. Facial Makeup – During the art deco period, women applying too light makeup on their faces just to achieve a white and super fair look was widely done. Rice powder was usually used to achieve a porcelain-like skin tone of the face.
  2. Lipstick – lipstick of very bright red color was used and applied heavily by women during the art deco period. Women with no bright red color lipstick during the art deco period were so rare, that almost all women during the said period will always have a bright red lipstick on. It was also during the 1920s when women do not longer retouch their makeup in private. Women already started to reapply or retouch their makeup in public, such as restaurant tables, park benches, parties, etc.
  3. Eyebrow Shape – Women during the 1920s kept the shape of their eyebrows super fine, for them to easily draw a new eyebrow, using a brow pencil, higher than their original eyebrow. In fact, some women even completely shave off their entire eyebrow.
  4. Eye Makeup – In flapper makeup style, the darker the color of your eyes and the more dramatic it will be, the better. Soot mixed with lead and grease was used as an eyeshadow that will be applied on the entire eyelid for a dark and dramatic look and then as an eyeliner during the art deco period. Luckily, during the 1910s, the known makeup company “Maybelline” released a cake mascara that came with an eyelashes brush.