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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Garconne Look during the Art Deco Period

The art deco period or during the 1920s, there had been a lot of changes on how women dress up, how they act in public, and how they are seen by the entire society. One of the most obvious and drastic changes of women from the 1920s or sometimes referred to as flappers were how they dress or how they wear their clothes. If during earlier years of 1920s, style of women’s clothing were corseted and curvy, flaunting curves and even giving a more curvaceous look to women. However, during the 1920s, the exact opposite of the corseted and curvy fashion trend was the in thing.

Garconne Look

Garconne Look during the Art Deco Period

If you have noticed about the famous hairstyles during the 1920s, most women cut their hair very short, as in short that can expose their nape completely, which sometimes give other people an impression that they are not women, but men if viewed from the back. In the 1920s fashion trend, women loved wearing a more athletic and slim cut of style of clothes, which can give an impression of a boyish silhouette. And when compared to the fashion trends and styles during the earlier decades, women from the 1920s exposed more skin.

Art Deco Design Influences during the 1920s

The cut and style of the fashion trend during the 1920s were highly influenced by art deco design. Art deco design features distinct geometric design. Dresses worn by women during the 1920s were very simple, they were only cut into a straight dress. And in fact, some women even bind their breasts to look more flat chested. Straight cut dresses will look better on women with a very slim physique, which is why, many women tried their best to get all those unwanted fats and weight off their body just to fit and look good when wearing the straight cut dress during the 1920s.

Simplicity during the Art Deco Period

If you have noticed the kind and type of dresses women wear during the 1920s, you can see that the fashion trend seemed to be simpler and more comfortable to wear. If you think about it, corseted and curvy style of clothes give women restrictions to function properly, while wearing a loose and straight cut dresses are more comfortable to wear and less restrictive. Even though clothes during the 1920s were simple and comfortable, they look very modern and elegant, if and only if women who are wearing the clothes know how to bring it.


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