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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

George Barbier and the Birth of Art Deco

Art deco movement is the noted and most prestigious artist’s movement to emerge from post-World War 1. When we talk about Art Deco, we should not forget about George Barbier, he is one of the key artists that helped the movement grow and get its popularity. He worked hard and produced some of the most beautiful, high-tech colored fashion plates. These fashion plates were used by famous contemporaries Paquin, Vionnet, Lanvin and couturier Pail Poiret. His exquisite design work and graphic styles are a perfect example and influence on the Art Deco school. His graphic styles were influenced by Indian miniatures, orientalism and Parisoan haute couture. There is no match to his style and he effortlessly captured and defined the atmosphere of the 1920s through it.

George Barbier History And His Importance In The Art Deco Period

George Barbier French Art Deco Designer

George Barbieris a well renowned name in the art deco period. He was born in the year 1882 in Nantes. He persuaded his studies from Ecole des Beaux-Arts under the guidance of Jean Paul Lauren. According to the books on Art Deco Movement, he was one of the most versatile artists and was very fashionable man. He started his work with design theatres and ballet costumes. Along with these he designed jewelry, fabrics, fans and wallpapers. Though this work was one his famous work, but he is remembered as a talented illustrator and designer for haute couture fashions. As a part of the elite circle during the art deco period, he was nicknamed as “The Knights Of The Bracelets” by the Vogue magazine. After World War 1 he started his work as an editor and journalist for the magazines:

  1. La Gazette du Bon Ton
  2. La Vie Parisienne

As a journalist, he worked with great intelligence and used his skills to bring out some great stories and society news for many magazines.

The Sudden Death

George Barbier died after suffering a prolonged illness on March 16, 1932. He was 50; he was at the peak of his success. After a period of six months, in December 1933 his whole collection which included the library was auctioned at Hotel Drouot in Paris. Though almost of his work were auctioned, he left some great works to the museum which is located in Nantes, his city of birth. Also a part of his most renowned collection of erotic Japanese prints to the BibliothèqueNationale de France, but it’s now a part of the Enfer collection.

Where To Find More About George Barbier?

George Barbier’s art deco designs are still popular. His art deco drawings still continue to flourish in reprint form. We can still his drawing reprinted on many objects such as ceramics to even stationary. Also you can find them in perfume bottles. You can browse through his list of drawings and his graphic styles published in many books. To get a more detailed history of George Barbier, there are many writers who have published his work in their writing and you can easily find it on websites such as Amazon. Feel free to browse through more articles from our website to explore “all that you can do” with art deco and know more on its history.

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