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Greta Garbo – Silent and Sound Movie Star

Greta Garbo – A Beautiful Silent And Sound Movie Star Of 1920’s

In 1920’s movie stars, Greta Garbo is one of the most enigmatic and gracious stars who was born in 1905 in Stockholm, Sweden. When, she was only 14 years’ old, her father had died due to Nepharitis. At this stage, she started working in a store for supporting family. If you see pictures of Greta Garbo of that time and compare them with her future photos, you will certainly not believe on the difference. His beauty brought her a great fame and made her screen legend for films of America in 20s to 40s.

Greta Worked For Advertizing Films

The department store where Greta Garbo started working had put her to advertizing films. Greta loved this work a lot and therefore, she got an admission to Royal Dramatic Theater School which was in Sweden. In that school, Greta Garbo met with Mauritz Stiller who made Greta his protégée. From that time, she started working for silent films and earned a great fame in this industry. After doing several silent films, Greta received an offer from MGM. On this offer, she said not to accept the offer unless; they offer her mentor a contract for director. As per Louis B. Mayor, Greta Garbo was not a great sex symbol; however his mind was changed after his film The Torrent.

Greta Garbo – Silent And Sound Movie Star

Greta Garbo’s Success After The Torrent Film

The success of film The Torrent helped Greta Garbo to reach the height of success in rapid speed. From this moment, she got great recognition and promotion from studio. Usually, in a Garbo film, her character acts around social norms, suffering from various consequences. It particularly inspired American women and people living in different places started copying her style. When, The Temptress film was released, MGM production fired Stiller and he was sent back to Sweden. There, he died after 2 years. On that, Greta Garbo was completely heartbroken.

Greta & Her Co-Stars

At the early sound and silent era, Greta was often being cast opposite famous stars of that time. These stars include Lew Ayres, John Gilbert, Conrad Nagel, Melvyn Douglas, Lionel Banymore, Charles Boyer, Fredric March, Robert Taylor, John and Lionel Barrymore, Antonio Moreno, Nils Asther, Clark Gable and Ramon Novarro. It is known that Greta was quite punctual for her work. It is also heard that she usually remains isolated with other crew members. She claimed to work better with the director, co stars and cameraman. Her most popular chemistry was with John Gilbert as their on screen as well as off screen relation was become a matter of gossip for many.

Greta Garbo’s Relation With John Gilbert

As it is mentioned above that the relationship of Greta Garbo with John Gilbert was quite rumored and there was a great fan following around of this couple. In year 1927, Greta was about to marry Gilbert, but it did not happen. Still, on this behavior, John Gilbert allowed Greta to live in his estate without paying rent. In 1936, when John Gilbert had died, again being aloof, Greta did not attend his funeral.