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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Hemlines during the Art Deco Period

During the 1920s or also referred to as the art deco period, women had a new sense of fashion way different from the fashion sense before the 1920s. Women during the art deco period wear clothes more revealing or clothes that show more skin, they wear very short hairstyles, and they even wear too dramatic makeup. The skinny and pre-pubescent look of supermodels right now even started during the art deco period. It was during the art deco period that reflected the new liberated lifestyle of women through their some kind of liberated fashion sense.

Hemlines before the 1920s

Hemlines during the Art Deco Period

Before the art deco period, hemlines were too low that cover women’s legs. Before the 1920s, even wearing skirts that can only expose the ankles were even already considered to be revealing or even racy. Women during years before the 1920s were accustomed to wearing skirts that do not expose any skin at all. Women from the 1920’s fashion sense went from being conservative to body baring when it came to the art deco period or the 1920s.

Hemlines during the Art Deco Period

For the very first time in history, it was during the art deco period wherein women started to wear skirts or dresses that leave their legs uncovered. However, hemlines during the art deco period were not changed drastically. At first, dresses and/or skirts’ hemlines were only up to the center part of women’s ankles, to women’s calves, and then to women’s knees. The hemline style of women from the art deco period was considered to be a scandalizing the decent society. However, hemlines during the art deco period were not always the same. There were no standard hemline styles or length during the art deco period, and it usually fluctuated from long hemline to short hemline.

Wearing Specific Hemlines during the Art Deco Period

If women wear hemlines that reveal their legs, other parts of the body were kept covered. However, when it comes to evening dresses or gowns, even though hemlines reveal women’s legs, arms of women were also bare and shawls or fur stole were used to keep them warm all throughout the night. And if the hemline a woman wore is quite long (covers the calves or lower), women try to accent another area of the body, usually the neckline. If hemlines are quite long, women wear plunging necklines to accentuate their dress.