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History Deco Art Deco Architecture

A Step Towards Learning Influential History Of Art Deco Architecture

Art deco architecture is related to a powerful art deco history. To be expert in art deco design, it is necessary to learn historical factors and historical elements which have affected art deco. Although, art deco architecture is highly creative, but it is short lived for sure. In many American cities, the art deco architecture had been seen, but apart from architecture, art deco also influenced art, furniture, automobile, fashion etc. The total period of art deco is from 1925 – 1940. In this duration, art deco got great popularity and also by 1940, it declined. However, still art deco architecture can be seen over various historical buildings in various parts of the world.

Art Deco Brought Fresh Change In American Society

Art Deco Style Lifeguard Hut

As art deco was highly lavish design, so soon many rich and wealthy Americans embraced it. This design brought up such a great change in society. The name Art deco has taken from an art exhibition held in Paris in 1925 – Exposition Internationale Des Arts Decoratifs. In decoration world, art deco had brought great revolution and many people admired it a lot. The buildings on which art deco architecture was applied were presenting geometric shapes, floral designs and sunrise patterns. Major part of this art deco architecture was influenced by artwork of Native American.

Less Use Of Ornamental Decoration In Art Deco Architecture

Initially, art deco architecture was known as highly expensive and extravagance design as it costs really high. So, some architecture decided to cut cost by working on some inexpensive art work. For such reasons, people started using machine made decorations instead of hand crafted products. Hand crafted products were more expensive than others. Apart from it, the use of ornamental decoration had also been reduced in art deco architecture to cut the cost. It was used over highly visible sides in a building.

Collaboration Between Art Deco Experts Help Developing The Best Art Deco Work

To explore the beauty of art deco design, the dynamic collaboration of art deco expert did a great job. With this collaboration, sculptors, designers, painters and architects started working together and result came in form of beautiful Old beach of Miami in Florida. This beach represents amazing beauty of art deco and is an ideal art deco architecture masterpiece. This design was referred as the most advance design in 1930s. In 1920s, it was the first time when art deco architecture was applied to commercial as well as public buildings. There were hardly any individual building inspired by art deco architecture.

Practical Execution Of Art Deco Architecture

Art deco history shows the practice execution of art deco architecture. It worked greatly not only on expensive projects, but with tight budget projects too. From grand buildings to small box everything could be decorated using art deco inspiration. Use of motifs and patterns, one can bring maximum art deco appeal to a building. Art deco architecture was always a fashionable design and thus, it showed outstanding appeal on fashion industry.