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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How Art Deco Design Influences The Modern Era

Art Deco Design And Industrial Revolution

Art deco design represents the power of the machine age that still rules the world. The design patterns in the art deco movement were based on trains and automobiles. This was something very unique which was not offered by any form of art in the 1920’s period.  At the beginning of the 1920’s many changes in the industrial world took place. Many new skyscrapers were built, Hollywood movie theatre came into limelight, jazz and other entertainment forms were coming up. All these had a great impact on the art deco design. It came to be the first art form influenced by the embracing technology. That’s why you will find a lot of uniqueness and boldness in the designs of the art deco.

Unique And Flexible Art Deco Design

According to one of the most famous interior designer Mr. Oliver comments that the use of vertical lines in the art deco design is very flexible way of giving design to homes. You can make use of vertical line feature of the art deco in old as well as new homes. There are endless possibilities of creating different type of unique designs for interiors as well as exteriors of any home. Art deco design can grab attention of anyone because of the richness of the geometrical shape features.

Art Deco Designed Invitation Cards

Art Deco Design Invitation Cards

Art deco design has almost influenced every kind of art form. Art deco clothing and fashion accessories have also been wanted by many. A lot of influence is seen on the bridal clothing. There is a huge demand for art deco design bridal clothes and invitation cards. They are designed in the geometrical shapes with an elegant border. Also some invitation cards are made with the use of metallic paper, which adds a total different beauty to the wedding invitations. You can find such cards online and can choose colors like silver, champagne and other bold colors.

Where You Can Find Vintage Art Deco Design Clothes?

Recently, art deco exhibitions were held at the Museum Of Vancouver. There are many more exhibitions to come and you can find the vintage art deco designed dresses. This is usually a sale cum exhibition type event where you can also buy art deco design clothes. You will find many good brands too like Chanel that have started manufacturing clothes and fashion accessories in the art deco design pattern. The museum showcases the clothes designed in the art deco form in the 1920’s and 1930’s. So I find this as one of the best places to visit if you want to explore art deco design.

Influence Of Art Deco Design Since 1920’s

The sleekness and geometrical pattern of the art deco design could be seen in every home built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. New interior designers, fashion designers and furniture designers are greatly influenced by the patterns of art deco. Today, art deco design still can be seen in the modern buildings and homes. The look of art deco has been a popular choice since 1920’s. From knitting designs to cabinet knobs and clothes button, art deco design makes the perfect accent.