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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Art Deco Your Powder Room?

Turning a house into a home is not a difficult task when you apply the right architectural design and bring liveliness to a home with bold and luxurious art deco design. Decorating your home with art deco is easy, in fact it’s one of the easiest designs one can incorporate in a home. The trick of beautifying your home lies simply in designing rooms that offer practicality and look stunning.

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We spend a lot of time in designing and decorating our living rooms but have you noticed the ugly appearance of your most used powder room. These rooms are often neglected and they usually beg for boldness like other rooms. Out of the every room in your home, powder room is the easiest to decorate. As the room is small, you need to be highly creative in choosing materials and wallpaper colors that will make the room to appear bold. It’s a simply a great place to experiment!


Light shade colors such as cream and beige dominate the interiors prior to Art Deco movement. This movement brought influx of bright and bold colors; yellow, bright orange, green, purple become more popular colors to be used in interiors. Black color was also used to highlight picture borders and frames. The combination of black and white also become very popular and was the preferred color scheme for the powder room. Use a combination of black and white with other striking & bold colors as your wallpaper to make your powder room bold.


The overall appearance of an art deco powder room should be lustrous and smooth. It is recommended that you use reflective or metallic surfaces in your powder room to complement the bright color scheme. For flooring, use either marble or geometrically patterned linoleum. Encase your free-standing bathtubs in sparkly mirrors or glass. For suites, buy furniture that has a strong, sleep and streamlined shape. If you have a big powder room, then you should install a glamorous dressing table with big mirrors. Use faucets and taps that are angular and tall. To provide a reflective and shiny look, try using chrome color for your powder room fixtures.


Wall sconces and simple chandeliers should be used to give your powder room a complete luxurious outlook. Use sandblasted or enameled glass to provide a streamlined lightning design for your art deco powder room.

Mirrors and Underfoot

A brilliant mirror can completely change how your powder room looks. A good reflective, whitewashed mirror is a great investment for your powder room. They can really elongate a small room. To warm up the room especially for your guests and to bring more liveliness in the room, find durable yet artistic rugs, such as art deco Chinese rugs. The symmetrical and bold design of these rugs will truly match your powder room interiors. Make sure that the rug doesn’t get scattered easily and has a dense pile for a luxurious feel.