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How To Buy Reupholstered Art Deco Chair?

Art deco furniture possession is one of the precious things you can have in your home. There are various outlets who are offering reupholstered art deco chairs. This can be a great collection in your home for your interiors. However, you have to keep in mind that you can be easily cheated. So in order to save yourself from buying a fake art deco chair, I have discussed some points in this article, which will surly help you get an authentic art deco collection.

Things To Remember Before Buying

Whenever you are planning to buy the art deco chair, make sure you check on the following:

  • Is the dealer you are buying from is honest, dependable and has some reputation in the same business or not. You can always ask details such as how long the dealer’s business have been into existence and does he specifically deals with art deco antiques or furniture.
  • The type of dye the dealer has used in the leather for the art deco chair. If the leather has been painted and not dyed, the painted color may fade away when scratched. So carefully analyze the details of the merchandise.
  • Analyze the lines and stitching of the leather joints. If the leather is straight and stitched well, it will have a different appeal than the ones loosely stitched.
  • Make out difference whether it’s original leather or vinyl. You can easily spot the difference by the smoothness of leather and vinyl, they have lot of variations. A vinyl when touched is excessively smooth as compared to leather.
  • Avoid buying art deco chairs which have spots in their leather work. Always check for springs, as the good quality spring is a necessity for a good chair to last for a longer period of time.
  • A good art deco chair that has been reupholstered with great details and finish will usually cost between price ranges of $7500 to $17000. If the art deco chair is reupholstered by some art deco designer then it may cost up to and more than $25000.
  • There are many varieties to choose from, make sure that you ask the date of the chairs from the time they were in existence. A good dealer will have great knowledge on its product. This will make sure that you are getting a genuine product rather than fake ones.

Advance Your Knowledge On Art Deco Through Our Website

Art deco collection of chairs surly will add a superior look in your home. Always remember to grab details of the store or dealer from many online sources too. If you know someone in your neighborhood who has bought such reupholster chair, make sure to visit them and find out the details before buying the product from the market. The above mentioned points will surly help you find the right art deco chair. Please visit our articles to find out more details on art deco furniture and the history of art deco artists such as George Barbier. Having knowledge is always beneficial so that you are not cheated as these are expensive things to buy.