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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Clean and Restore Art Deco Furniture

For a last few years, art Deco furniture styles have attracted the attention of many people. This furniture was quite popular in the roaring twenties. There is a wide selection of art Deco furniture available in the market that enhances the beauty of the place where it is placed. Some prefer to add them in their home and some of their offices. Certainly, it is important to maintain the furniture for ensuring durability and reliability.

Cleaning of Art Deco Furniture Style

Art Deco Furniture Style

Art Deco furniture is made of aluminum, lacquer, leather and highly polished woods. Cleaning and restoring process of all these are quite different as these are made of different materials.

Art Deco Furniture made of Glass

For the Art Deco furniture made of glass, you have to be cautious while cleaning it. Make sure to use mild products such as soaps and sprays for its cleaning. Also, a soft cloth is required to swipe off the dust and make it looks clean.

Art Deco Furniture made of Leather

The stains on the art Deco furniture made of leather are quite common. For cleaning it, all you need is a gentle facial scrub. However, you have to make sure that the leather should not be too much wet. Clean it mildly with a soft cloth.

Art Deco Furniture made of Chrome and Aluminum

Certainly, the furniture made of chrome and aluminum looks attractive, but maintaining it is a hard nut to crack. For cleaning the art Deco furniture made of Chrome and Aluminum, you need dish soap and polish for scratches. These products are easily available in an auto repair or hardware shop.

Art Deco Furniture made of Wood

This furniture made of wood is quite popular. This style has gained a vast popularity and first choice of people who are looking to add some art Deco furniture style to their place. For cleaning this wooden furniture, again, you need mild polish. Wood is the most intricate part that needs special care as compared to other kinds.

Tips on Cleaning Art Deco Furniture

Cleaning art Deco furniture requires small knowledge and you can easily carry out the process. When starting the cleaning process,

  • Always begin the work with a light touch, especially when you are polishing, cleaning or buffing the furniture.
  • Avoid using excess water on leather.
  • Almost all of this furniture is highly polished, so ensure to use the original material for cleaning and restoring it.
  • When polishing the furniture, avoid hard polishing and often take pause. This is important to avoid pressure and over polishing the furniture.

Whether you have single furniture or a range of art Deco bedroom furniture, understanding these tips is very important if you really care for your art Deco furniture.