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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Decorate a Modern Art Deco Room

Decorating Art Deco Room With Modern Touch

Art deco room can look more impressive if you use modern touch. The modern art deco will look trendy and highly innovative. It can solve many conflicts. This is a way in which your décor look trendy, but still it will not go out of style and appeal. The use of modern art deco can put amazing influence on people having different taste and style. The design is definitely not common as we see in our general life. In this, you only need to work on some modern elements.  Read on following information stating how to decorate a modern art deco room.

Core Understanding For Modern Art Deco

Art deco design mainly spanned at the time of world war. In late 20s and early 30s, art deco peaked up in the world. The design focused on opulence and glamour. With the increase of the great depression, the art deco design got popularity. The design gave a feel for escapism for nation that did a great job at that time. The style of art deco embodied greatly at roaring twenties. People found it suave and exuberant with full of advanced mindset and sophisticated elegance. The luxury spread up everywhere and it filled world with optimism.

A Modern Art Deco Room

Modern Art Deco Looks Flashy & Bold

Indeed modern art deco is quite bold and flashy. To make design appealing and catchy, one should use bold colors and brightness in every design. Color combination should be done very carefully. Use of bold designs and flashy colors are highly essential when it comes to modern art deco. So, while decorating a modern art deco room always select dazzling colors for walls and other interior. This way, the room will get actual feel for art deco and also get positivity.

Things To Do For Pure Modern Art Deco

The use of bold shapes, dark colors and geometry design are the soul of modern art deco, however it is full of decorative appeal and greatly stylized. Using decorative aesthetic for double dimensional surfaces give ideal appearance. This idea works well for decorating doors, floors, windows and walls as it develops richly designed surfaces. To get cozy feel in a room, use of darker colors and metallic sheen is such a perfect idea. In art deco, square profiles and stepped profiles replaced ogee and cove moldings. So, if you want to decorate a modern art deco room, then do include these elements in your décor.

Modern Art Deco Relies On Symmetry & Boldness

Holding the actual feel of ancient art deco design, modern design still relies on bold texture and rich colors. In modern art deco, geometric shapes and rich designed surfaces are main elements. These elements give art deco great fluid and gentle quality. Apart of designing room walls and floors, the furniture also play a great role in room decoration. So, when using modern art deco design, one should use plush and large furniture. The modern art deco furniture represents elegance and complete comfort.