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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Decorate A Morden Home with Art Deco Glass

Although Art Deco’s roots lie in 1920 Paris, Deco designs became a thoroughly experience these days. It’s a true expression of progress, willingness and forward movement.

During early 20th century, by technological advancement in construction materials industry new products like plastic and stainless steel emerged while the traditional materials developed into fresh new forms. For example the glass industry grown exceptionally creative, introducing a range of new structural glass products. Versatility of the product contributed to its recognition. Not only it was useful for both , this Art Deco glass product could easily be cut, sculptured, curved, laminated, colored textured and illuminated.

Decorate Your Living Space with Art Deco Vase

Versatility and usability of the Art Deco Glass could not be hidden form the eyes of the modern architects and interior designers. If you would also like to incorporate Art Deco glass as an elegant design statement in your living room you may do this simply by buying a vase. Decorative Art Deco glass vases can be bought in various colors, forms and beatifications. Let’s examine how floral, graphic, or figural vase could fit into your living space under your design vision.

Art Deco Glass Vases

Graphic Vases

Graphic vases, like Daum Art Deco vase which was auctioned for $948 makes a bold statement when placed in a corner of a spacious living room. Since their colors are hundred percent natural, they will go with almost any color scheme. However, you could easily bring out different color tones matching with the vase you bought elsewhere in the room.

Floral Vases

One of elegant floral vases from the era was a pair of Le Verre Francais Cameo glass vases auctioned for $1,400 and $1,600 each. You may incorporate something similar to your living space. The naturally bright orange and mischievous blue combined with whimsical patterns are enough to bring out the small little child living somewhere within you while remaining serene and sophisticated. Add a pinch of creativity by adding sprig of flowers or by pairing one of these with driftwood or leave them at their aesthetic state.

Figural Vases

One such example of figural Art Deco glass vases is Art Deco Vase c. 1930, auctioned for over $3,900. Stable shape and gentle color of these designer vases could be easily amalgamated in your living space with more graphical lines and bold patterns. Figural vases beg for texture and pattern – use Art Deco sconces, detailed and soft carpet and throw cushions in modern plaid or floral patterns.

No doubt, decorating your home with Art Deco glass is an excellent idea but do not forget that the Art Deco collection like the one we discussed above had to start somewhere. Before bringing them to home, visit an auction or museum to move on to what is emotionally and visually most appealing to you and what would bland better with overall living space of your home.