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How to Dress For the Great Gatsby?

With the arrival of a movie ‘Great Gatsby’ based on Baz Luhrmann’s years-in-the-making super stylized adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great American Novel, people gets to know the latest style on how to dress for the Great Gatsby.  Of course the movie is based on 1920, so is the fashion style involved in the movie is close to vintage. After watching the attire wore by the characters, the excitement of adapting that style has attracted many men and women.

Gatsby Party Theme

In the movie, you will explore different looks and style opted by the Gatsby (as played by DiCaprio), Tom Buchanan (as played by Joel Edgerton) and Nick Carraway (as played by Spiderman, Tobey Maguire). Despite of the attractive facial features, the unique Gatsway style has persuaded many people. Let us take a look about the classy outfits you can wear for your Gatsby theme party.

How to Dress Like the Great Gatsby?

Flapper, beads, kimonos and velvet are the four friends of women to dress for the Great Gatsby. The most popular style is drop waist, so one should not wear anything that seems like cinched waist, full skirted dress or small waist. The more shapeless it is, the better it will look.

The attire for Gatsby both for men and women must be glamorous. In the entire movie, the outfits wore by the characters are simply exceptional presenting a look of the late twenties. For those who cannot accomplish DiCaprio’s pink attire through the movie, opt for crisp meets or laid-back fitted trousers, cozy sweater or maybe a shawl collar cardigan. This will certainly provide you with a clean, dapper search.

Gatsby Look

For ladies, something that sparkles will continue to work! Metallic hues like gold, bronze along with silver using added rhinestones along with sequins upon any component of your outfit will provide more glamorous look! Don’t forget to look for shift attire and straight cuts, for that flapper impact. Lace along with fringes are most surely welcomed!

If everything else fails, gain the very long pearl or maybe beaded charms, put strong red matte lipstick on and you’re all set!

Accessories Your Look

Many men and women wish to dress up in a Gatsby style. It has attracted the attention of many people and they look for dress up in that style to make an astonishing style statement. With many amazing styles, this is certainly a modern trend setter.

When adapting Gatsby style, you can add accessories to enhance your overall look. Even if you are not ready for the look, you can check out the movie that will release on May 10th. You will see the different ways of the latest trends makes you look even more amazing and attractive in 1920s party theme. Moreover, you can find out the most astounding ways on how to dress for a Gatsby party!

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