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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Evaluate Antique Art Deco Furniture?

Nearing 100 years old Art Deco antiques have attracted the attention of many people throughout the world. These are one of the most unique art pieces that have their own grace and magnetism. According to the Metropolitan Museum Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, Art deco furniture emerged in 1900 at Austria with Vienna workshops or Wiener Werkstatte, holding Art Deco, arts and crafts. Until World War II Art Deco became visible at the Paris Exposition in 1925 and afterwards the consumers across the world embrace the architecture and the furniture in the same year.

Where some man-made products are damaged easily, some served the public appropriately and went to landfill in some years. Desirability, condition, style and make are the aspects that determine the value of Art Deco furniture and antiques.

Determining the Value of Art Deco Furniture


Art Deco Antique Furniture

First of all check out the condition of the antique. Veneers that are warped from water or chipped are most essential condition problem with Art Deco antiques and furniture. Check precisely if the legs of furniture need repair or replacement. As compared to other areas of Art Deco furniture, legs were probably veneer.


Now make sure that quality is superior. Generally, the pieces made from hand from the period has record price, especially with history documentation or provenance. Furniture from quality makers are of highest prices in case of exceptional condition.

Style and Artistry

There are some Art Deco furniture that shows a style and artistry of the era of geometric designs and machine made materials. Some exceptional man made products such as Egyptian influenced design or tiles have special magnetism to the collector.

Check out online

For knowing the worth of similar pieces, you can check out online as well. Once you come to know about the quality, style, artistry and condition of the Art Deco furniture, check out the prices. It is not necessarily that one has complete knowledge about the piece; the price is just for the item. You can compare the price of similar sold items, but make sure that situations are comparable.

Ask for Art Deco antiques appraiser

Ask for art deco antiques/furniture appraiser. If in case you are not okay with your evaluation, you can ask an appraiser to decide the value of the furniture piece. For that make sure to attain services of professional appraiser who has proper knowledge of the art deco antiques and accomplished the classes in appraiser techniques. Find an expert appraiser in your area and employ one for consultation at hourly rate in order to find out the precise value of Art Deco Furniture.

Art Deco has attracted the attention of many antique lovers. Whether you are looking to add furniture or looking for effective ways on how to dress up for Gatsby party, Art Deco is the first choice to make you stand apart from others.