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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Incorporate Art Deco Colors To Your Interior

When designing and decorating you home there are thousands of inspirations to go with your decor. One of the best advices in decorating you home is to go according to the style of your space. If you are living in an Art Deco style home you can incorporate the things from the same period such as, furniture, fireplace, wall colors, and material and create a feel that is a true resemblance of that time. Even if your house doesn’t exactly reminiscent this extravagant home decor style, incorporating Art Deco colors in your bedroom and living room will change the way they look.

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Gatsby Inspired Colors

Art Deco Golden Color Scheme

Are you a complete Gatsby inspired person and craving a living space fit for a flapper? Art Deco colors with clean curving lines are perfect for your home décor. Deep green and bright gold work wonders together as fabrics, art, and paint colors. Add a contrast with popping red in your navy blue curtains. Give a backdrop of gray to the bright orange couch that has a curved back. For a Gatsby feel prominent Art Deco colors are:

  • Primary Red
  • Bright Gold
  • Primary Green
  • Black and White
  • Bright and Deep Blue
  • Silver

Neutral Art Deco Colors

And if Gatsby is not your style and these bright shads remind you of 1980’s Miami buildings, you can still opt for Art Deco Colors with neutral palate. Decorate your walls in light gray or cream color. The lighter shades will let the extensive lines of Art Deco design stand out. Take an inspiration from Chrysler Building and paint interior walls of your home in one color and the moldings on the ceiling a slightly darker shade.

Use of Color Bands

There is another style popular during the Art Deco period that is Monochromatic color palettes. Following the style you don’t have to color your walls in silver or other bright colors instead use horizontal bands or exclusive Art Deco color to add extra depths to the space. During the Art Deco period long wide bands were widely used in dining room. Contrasting colors bands works well for defining chair rails and locating a place at which to hang photos and plats.

Final Word

Roaring 20’s has been welcomed in a big way everywhere. Do not suppress the flapper child inside you. Let it come out. Decorating your home with Art Deco colors is simple. Do not play with all the colors but maintain the theme with only two or three colors either bright or neural. Add silver accents at few places such as silver mirror or silver candles. Grab and Famous Art Deco Interior design book or go through this website and you are ready to swing.

Search for more Art Deco colors on the web. Be very sure to check out every minor detail associated with each color.