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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Make Art Deco Wedding Invitations

The period of Art Deco was all about elegance, wine, wild parties, drama and fun filled lifestyle. Music was all around, and this whole world was a canvas where everyone was busy creating his/her own art. It was the post world war effect on the society. This new change in the humanity was showing in every possible element one can possibly think. Recently, all thanks to our film and fashion industry, art deco style is again in fashion. Especially it’s a new trend and theme of modern wedding. Wherever you turn your face, people are overly influenced with art deco fever – from their wedding dress to flower arrangement, art deco wedding invitations to wedding rings, you will notice this elegant fashion trend dripping from head to toe.

Art Deco Theme for Wedding

Art Deco Wedding Invitation.

There is nothing better than a wedding to showcase fun elements of art deco and to follow this absolutely fabulous trend. To start with, first figure out a wedding invitation card that inspires you. Art deco wedding invitations are full of extravagant ornamentation, vibrant colors and geometric patterns, all of which are fundamental characteristics of the roaring twenties. Today’s fashion world does not limit art deco to geometric shapes and lines, they have also picked floral, and some more intricate embellishments into the art deco wedding invitations design. Check out a few wedding invitations designs online that truly showcase style of 1920s.

DIY Art Deco Wedding Invitations

Once you have checked out a few wedding invitation designs for inspiration you may directly jump towards creating them on computer within your preferred size and format. Print number of copies you want on a paper and then carefully trim each of them so that you can mount them on a silver, gold or floral backing to create an invitation with vibrant art deco look.


  • Headline font: to write text on your invitation in an Art Deco font you have many choices. Rochester, Connie, QumpellkaNo12, Corbert, Parisish, Reconteur, Party at Gatsby’s. All these fonts can be downloaded form the internet. To make your invites stand out, choose a font that has subtle art deco elements and bold style, especially for heading.
  • Geometric Borders: Geometric borders are perfect for an Art Deco inspired wedding invitation. The glitz and glamour of these geometric borders will make your design stand out in true Art Deco manner.
  • Script Font: Samantha Bold is a romantic typeface most suitable for Art Deco wedding invitation if you are more into ornamental flourishes than simple lines. Enrich this style with well crafted phrases and multitude of ornaments to make it perfect invitation suite.
  • Ornamental Flourishes: For a more embellished flourish design and glamorous look of your invite, choose form a number of ornamental flourishes available online.

    Art Deco Wedding Invitation With Reply Card

It would be good if you enclose a reply card with your art deco wedding invitations. Create a reply card in similar fashion but in smaller size and keep them inside or tuck on top of the wedding invitation card. Include self-addressed and stamped envelopes with each reply card to make the job easier for the invitees.

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