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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Paint Art Deco Style Nails

Art Deco style has gained recognition since a long back. This is one of the unique trends that never go out of the vogue because of its broad significant elements. Certainly, all the art Deco styles are highly appreciated by fashion passionate women. One of the most classy fashion trends of c is painting nails. This nail paint style looks classy when wore with any formal or casual outfits.

Moon Manicure: Popular Art Deco Nail painting Style

Moon Manicure

In the early mid of the thirties, women used to paint the center of their nails, leaving the tips and the half moon cuticles bare with just a white cream or a pencil. This is called moon manicure. The color popular in that era was all reds ranging from deep crimson to rosy red.

How to Pain Art Deco style Nails?

The process of painting nails from Art Deco Style is not as difficult as it seems. The main things you need for this are hole reinforces nail polish of two colors, nail polish remover and any preferred top coat.

  • As per the first step, you have to prepare your nails for a manicure. For that you have to soak your hands and scrub out the dead skin away. Now push your cuticles back and trim town your nails. (Avoid using oil based products for your nails or skin before manicure)
  • The next step is the actual nail painting. For that applies the base coat and then color the moon with your desired color.
  • While your nail paint on the moon gets dried up, trim the hole reinforces into sharp curves. Now when the nail polish dries completely apply the hole reinforces to every nail.
  • After that, apply the main nail polish. Make sure to use freshest polish because nail polishes are completely volatile chemicals that evaporate very quickly after opening.
  • Ensure to leave a thumb till the end, so that in case if some paint gets out of the way, you can clean it by using your thumb.
  • After completing the process of Moon Manicure in art Deco style, now apply the top coat and let it dry. Rubbing some moisturizer or oil in your cuticles and voila is again a wise decision

Painting nails in an Art Deco way look simply elegant and classy. There are ample designs and color contrasts available on the internet, making your coloring choice more easy and convenient. For getting a unique art deco design, you can take reference from the internet and select the best design according to your interest. Undoubtedly, art Deco nails not only look super classy, but make a style statement in today’s fashion savvy world.