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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Paint your Bedroom in Art Deco

Art Deco style has become one of the most trendiest decor that is used for enhancing the beauty of the home walls. The main aim of this decorating style is to make the walls look lively and energetic. It helps in lessening the blankness of the walls in a creative manner. When painting your bedroom in Art Deco style, the vital things you need is proper color and patterns in order to balance the elegance with Deco-inspired beautification. Here are the few things one must consider when painting your art Deco bedroom.

Colors of the Paint

Art Deco Style

Paint plays a vital role in art decor style walls. Using polished wood, muted mocha, warm green, soft gray and metal are a good selection of paint colors. However, it is important to make sure that the color of the walls must not contend with the accessories and ornaments in the room. There are ample color templates available, but ensure that the paint used in the art Deco interior designing needs balancing color permutation.

Stencils and Geometric Patterns

The designs of art Deco are ornamented with geometric patterns such as stylized floral motifs and obscure interlaced line works. These decorations are added as the borders of the walls and around the wall openings or the inflection in the corner of the walls. You can add these ornaments according to the paint scheme of your art Deco bedroom with the stencils. These stencils are available in both uncut or pre-cut designs and one can paint the walls easily with these stencils and brush.


Wallpaper borders are the easiest and fastest way to add ornaments to the painted surface. These borders are available in numerous designs and can be used in the Art Deco stencils. The border of the wallpapers utilizes subtle color accents and metallic pigments, offering astonishing aesthetic sensibility of the Art Deco style.

Art Deco Style Wall Papers

There is a wide selection of wallpapers available that can add an extra beauty to the art Deco style wall. You can match it complementing to the paints of your room. These wallpapers are available in different patterns including geometric and different styled patterns. Though, when seeking wallpaper, you must make sure to coordinate it with the colors of the wall design.

More Info

Art Deco is certainly significant of the ornamenting time period when a merging of different angles and patterns became popular. You can add beautiful lights according to your preferences and strive to make the Art Deco bedroom lightning. No doubt, decorating art deco bedroom is a fun task to do. By understanding the basic paint pattern and other vital aspects one can easily get the best art deco bedroom as per your needs.