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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Protect Your Art Deco Engagement Ring?

Art deco engagement rings are considered vintage and should be taken with extreme caution if you want it to maintain its brilliance, ensure that it will still look great, and it will still be in a perfect condition wherein it can be passed down from one generation to another generation. Art deco engagement rings do not only symbolize love, it also symbolize women’s independence and power, which were limited before the art deco movement (1920s to 1930s). By learning how to properly protect your art deco engagement ring can ensure that it will be in its perfect condition in a long time.

Removing Your Art Deco Engagement Ring

How to Protect Your Art Deco Engagement Ring?

There are certain activities that should not be done with your art deco engagement ring on or any other rings. Here are some activities:

  • Swimming – If you are swimming, you should remove your ring. The tendency when swimming or when submerged in the water can temporarily shrink your fingers, which can cause the ring to slide off and get lost.
  • Vigorous and Contact Sports – Sharp blows in contact sports can damage your ring. Aside from direct contact to the ring that can cause damage, sweat can also damage the ring’s color and brilliance.
  • Housecleaning – This type of activity or any other cleaning activities that require handling of harsh chemical should not be done if you are wearing your art deco engagement ring. Harsh chemicals can damage your art deco engagement ring.
  • When applying lotion and any other creams to the hand should be done without your art deco engagement ring on. Doing so with your ring can cause excessive buildup to your ring, which can just dull the stone’s brilliance.

How to Maintain Your Art Deco Engagement Ring’s Brilliance?

What makes an art deco engagement ring look classy and elegant is not only its color, cut, and design style, but also how the stone/s spark when the light hits. To maintain it brilliance or spark, here are some important points to remember:

  • If possible, handling your art deco engagement ring should be done as infrequent as possible. The sweat and oil in people’s hands can dull the stone, which can cause reduction of sparkle.
  • Cleaning your art deco engagement ring should be done once a week. Doing so can maintain the ring’s brilliance and can keep in its perfect condition.
  • To ensure the setting of your art deco engagement ring is secure, having it checked or inspected by a qualified jeweler can be done.