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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

How to Wear a Fedora Hat

Fedora hats were not first used during the 1920s, also referred to as the art deco period. However, it was during the art deco period wherein the fedora hat was widely used by women and years after, fedora hats became a staple head accessory in men. Fedora hats lasted for several decades, but during the 1950s, the popularity of fedora hats declined. Recently, fedora hats started to make its comeback. For people who belong in the new generation, most of them still do not know how to properly wear fedora hats.

Fedora Hats during the 1920s

How to Wear a Fedora Hat

People back in the 1920s wear fedora hats as a symbol of class and style. They usually wear fedora hats way back with suits and topcoats. Pairing a fedora hat with a suit and a topcoat will always make someone feel classy, stylish, and even successful. The classic fedora hat is usually made from felt, however, fedora hats during the present times vary in terms of materials used. Fedora hats back then were not only used as a fashion accessory for men and women, fedora hat was also used as a protection against direct exposure to sunlight.

Fedora Hats Today

As mentioned above, fedora hats today vary in terms of materials used, but its design and how it is worn still remain the same. Fedora hats these days can be found in department stores or even online. There are still a lot of people these days that do not know how to properly wear a fedora hat. Here are some tips on how to wear fedora hats the right way.

  1. The most important thing to consider when buying or choosing a fedora hat is the size. Fedora hats come in different sizes and finding the right size for you is a MUST. For the proper size of your fedora hat, the circumference of the hat must be approximately ½ inch larger than your head circumference. Always remember that the right size for a fedora hat is that it will not fall down over your ears and it will not feel tight around your head.
  2. Make a crease of your fedora hat. Crease of fedora hats is a very important element. If your fedora hat does not come with a crease, you can pinch the top portion of your fedora hat gently to form a center crease.
  3. Classic fedora hats were worn tilted to one side and slightly forward. When tilting your fedora hat slightly forward, just make sure that it will just rest above your eyebrow and not lower and when tilting it to one side, just stop until your fedora hat sits above your ear.