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Importance of Insuring Your Art Deco Engagement Ring

If you are just newly engaged and you do not understand the importance of getting your art deco engagement ring or any kind of engagement ring insured or get it appraised, you have to understand that your engagement ring is not only valuable monetarily, but it is also have a very high sentimental value. Getting it insured or appraised that can cover your art deco engagement ring in case of any accidents, such as loss, damage, or if ever it gets stolen. It will be the best thing to do to have your engagement ring and any other valuable jewelry insured.

Importance of Insuring Your Engagement Ring

Importance of Insuring Your Art Deco Engagement Ring

No one can ever foresee accidents that can cause damages to jewelries or any other valuable things. Even for people who are very focused with their caring for their art deco engagement rings,  those people are still not safe from acquiring damages with their art deco engagement rings. Even ordinary household chores can cause damages to you most valued art deco engagement ring.

Insurance Coverage: Damage

There are some insurance policies that cover damages for your insured art deco engagement ring. In case of damages, you may be required to pay an initial fee, but the rest of the damage cost are usually covered by the insurance policy. Common damages covered by most insurance policies include:

  • Band Damages (Warped Band)
  • Twisted Setting
  • Missing Stone

Insurance Coverage: Loss

Engagement rings can easily get lost, especially that they are so small that it can easily fall down any small holes. There are even instances that a ring can slip off the finger without the person wearing it noticing. There is an insurance policy that can help you replace your lost engagement ring if it happens. However, for loss to be covered in your insurance policy, you may be required to pay a bigger amount when insuring your engagement ring.

Insurance Coverage: Theft

It is far from impossible for your art deco engagement ring to get stolen. Especially when your engagement ring is of high value and when it is vintage. One reason why jewelries are stolen by thefts is because it can easily be sold in any pawnshops in a valuable price. In an event when your stolen engagement ring was not recovered by the police or by yourself, there are insurance policies that can help in you make back the financial cost of your stolen engagement ring.