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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Influence Of Art Deco Design On Furniture

Art Deco Design And Your Home Decor

While scanning a room of art deco design you would notice the sparkle of helpfulness everywhere. It was the time when society had adopted the attitude of optimism and style. Art deco designs were developed following the First World War. The excitement and optimism of that time seamlessly appear into the realm of exterior and interior designs. Furniture of 20th century combines the industrial trends and modern material at that time.

Art Deco Design Furniture – Sleek And Stylish

Furniture of art deco design is stylish and sleek but at the same time it is comfortable on use. Flat bent chrome base gives the furniture a very modern touch.  Wood pieces especially are highly lacquered in rich black. The decorative black lacquered looks very elegant, and are frequently used with room screens. The combination of smooth finished highly lacquered wood frames and lustrous white leather is a typical form of art deco design. The wood use includes the Brazilian rosewood, light maple veneers, birds-eye maple and ebony.  The upholstery offers the comfort and the feel of a sensuous hand.

Different Characteristics Of Art Deco Design Furniture

The basic characteristics or art deco design based furniture are:

  • Use of mirror materials in designing various kinds of tables. Usage of glass material to design the coffee tables gives it a glamorous look and feel. This is something unique brought in by the art deco movement.
  • Coffee Table

    Use of the rare kind of woods – Art deco design based furniture makes use of rare variety of woods. For example ebony and mahogany. These features give the furniture a truly fashionable and trendy look. Also, it depicts the quality work and design.

  • Art deco design sofa – Art deco is based on using the wood work in different geometrical design and shapes for sofas. The sofas are designed in a manner that gave them a sleek look and are comfortable. They are the best to use for your home interiors. Also, the bold colors used in the woods, makes it outshine other form of art design in furniture.
  • Zigzag design – Cupboards are designed mostly in the zigzag manner. They are outlined with vertical lines that are very appealing. Also, many a times you can see sunbursts patterns on many wooden chests.
  • Use of metallic material – Art deco design was greatly influenced was the industrial revolution that took place in the 1920’s. A lot of furniture could be seen with metallic material. These art deco design furniture gives a look of the industrial impact. Metallic furniture is crafted in the most elegant manner and the metal finish is just superb.

These are some of the basic characteristic that you would find while going to purchase art deco design furniture from the market. Use of art deco design furniture in your interiors gives it a totally refined and stylish look.

Art Deco Design Furniture – A Luxury For Your Home Decor

Art deco design furniture is all about being luxurious. Art deco has been greatly influenced by the different patterns and designs which are quiet unique and most fashionable. You can a lot of antique furniture too but they are quiet expensive to buy. Having art deco design furniture at home truly will add different dimension in your interior design so go for it today.