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Instruments Used in Jazz Music

Jazz Music & Different Types Of Instruments

Like all types of music, Jazz music has a great importance of instruments. The right use of right instrument helps making ideal compositions and when it comes to Jazz music; it becomes compulsory to get knowledge about various instruments used in it. This music firstly originated in America in 20th century and after experiencing great response of listeners or audience, musicians of all countries started trying their hands in Jazz music. Jazz music consists to some particular elements and when a musician creates such music, he should necessarily be familiar with these elements. Here in this article, you will learn about different instruments used in Jazz music.

Trumpet – An Important Jazz Instrument


Trumpets have a great role in Jazz music and it is like a dominating instrument in the history of Jazz music. There are very few instruments that are as effective as trumpet in this music genre. The players of trumpet in New Orleans are truly successful and famous all across the world. Jazz music history has rich place for prolific trumpeters. The names of trumpeters include Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Chet Baker and Dizzy Gillespie. These are the names of highly notable instrumentalists of Jazz music. They are associated with small sized brass instruments. Trumpet is an instrument with soft and loud sound capacity. It works amazingly to change the mood of the listeners and can easily drive the rhythm of jazz music.

Saxophone – A Powerful Instrument With Slow Success Rate

Though saxophones did not get popularity immediately but it took a great span of time and in 20s, it became mainstay. It is an instrument in which recording is easier in comparison to larger sized and lower sized instruments such as trombone and tuba. It is a reed instrument for which it is categorized as woodwind. In composition, it is considered as brass and mostly imparts sound that suits properly to brass sections. It is quite durable, therefore people love using it and its durability is a big cause of its exceptional popularity. Earlier, it was famous as club or street instrument, but later it definitely made a reputed place in jazz music.

Great Contribution Of Piano In Jazz Music


Piano is a famous instrument that is used not only in jazz music but many other music genres too. From ancient time to modern time, musicians love using piano due to its great results and pianists’ finger dexterity. This instrument with its latest derivative is adjourned to around each music genre for its speed and ease of controlling pitch and tempo. It is an invaluable instrument in jazz music. Jazz is a music genre famous for connecting its keys, volume and tempo at whim. Playing piano in jazz music, several pianists got popularity in which Art Tatum, Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk and Count Basie are popular ones.

Clarinet & Trombone

Instrumental combination in Jazz is the first quality of this music genre. Many lead musicians recite the jazz ensemble arrangement and also for non popular instruments. In Jazz music, trombone arrangement is the soul and Clarinet hardly leads in tempo numbers.