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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Jazz Age – Art Deco Design Affected Fashion Industry To The Core

The Lift Of Art Deco Architecture In The Jazz Age

Art Deco Design has grown in the Jazz age and it has shadowed the culture to the fullest of that time. The trend of art deco architecture has spread up everywhere and people have adopted this trend with open heart. In US, the style and architecture was visible around everywhere. Famous personalities of the Jazz age were crazy about art deco design. The shadow of art deco design could be seen in outfits of various renowned celebrities of that time.

Art Deco Design Influence over The Jazz Age

Long Straight Gown With Silhouette

In 1920s, which is the period of the Jazz age, its influence was visible over jewelry and fashion industry. To determine this fact, there are several images available of flappers of that age wearing dresses designed with art deco style. A long straight gown with silhouette echoes the influence of art deco design. The flappers of the Jazz age were wearing shift dresses as it was corseted attire of radical departure. It was a form of modernism and showed the young liberated women spirit of that age. The design appeared in chevron and triangular designs which has been seen in various dresses of 20s.

On Tuxedos, Gowns And Chinese Carpets

In 1920s, people was in complete love for Art deco design. The cloths like gowns or tuxedos had completely art deco style. In west countries, the Chinese carpets were so popular and due to its popularity, people started naming it as Chinese art deco carpets. However, at that time in China, Art Deco influence has not that much spread. To bring revolutionary enhancement in Art Deco Chinese carpets, Walter Nichols, a US entrepreneur played a great role. In Tianjin, he made countless carpets and that is why, art deco Chinese carpets also known as Nicholas carpets.

Main Products Which Have Been Targeted By Art Deco Design

In the Jazz Age, the impact of it could be seen easily in jewelry and fashion industry as these were main targeted areas of America’s Art deco design. Seeing various performances of 20s, art deco design can be signified easily. Many costumes had the chevron and triangular style which were also the form of art deco design. Ultimately, the approach of this style had seen in handkerchief hems of zigzag style which were also in demand in the Jazz age.

Overall Abstract Of Art Deco Design & The Jazz Age

Well, the time of 20s is considered as phenomenal period of design, music, fashion and creativity. The period has showed a time of evolution and women autonomy. Thus, that period, world has seen a new phase of fashion and trend. it has also contributed in emergence of new trend and it has influenced the Jazz age at a great extent. This influence was easily visible over entire fashion world. The industry for dresses and jewelry were main which have been targeted by art deco design.