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Jazz’s Influence On Classical Music

Influences Of Jazz On Classical Music

Though, Jazz and classical music are two different music genres, but still in 20th century, classical music was seen influenced by jazz music. From always, jazz was known as the pop music and on other side; classical music was referred as advanced and technical music. It is a fact that a popular music form had always been affected classical music. So, similar factor is there with jazz music and classical. Being a famous music form, jazz music definitely affected classical music at some extent. These two music genres had inherent compatibility and many common elements were seen in both. Many composers in early 1900s started combining jazz and classical music together to create exceptional music. As its result, the best compositions emerged by 20th century.

Definition Of Jazz Music

As per Hoffman, one can define jazz in terms of music genre that features quality of using two musical elements – improvisation and swing beat. The main elements of Jazz music are band members’ interactions with each other, use of improvisation and imprecise notation. When one composes jazz music, it is essential to keep these elements in mind to create actual jazz composition.

Jazz Music Consists To A Rich History

Specifically, Jazz music is related to Americans and is also known as American music form. In 20th century, people living in America started making Jazz music. This music was mainly produced in South area of America. Dixieland Jazz is famous as first Jazz movement. Louis Armstrong was its first musician who played it first time in front of world. When First World War had finished, this music genre started becoming more famous and at the same time, Swing music also emerged. As time passed, recording industry got developed and with its growth, Jazz music also reached across the world and got more and more recognition among music lovers. In the time between1940-50, Jazz music turned to be more elegance and took a sophisticated turn. Later, it became quite complex.

Comparison Of Jazz Music With Classical Music

It is heard that most of the musicians who had got popularity for playing Jazz music were not particularly from musical background or had not been educated in formal way. On other side, classical musicians were formally educated with music theory and that too from young age. This fact was a big cause of split between classical music and jazz music. Extensive music knowledge was necessary for playing classical music. Classical music consists to technique and thorough theory and with intense study, musicians could play that music. Jazz music was a simple folk music and originated by uneducated people. No doubt, Jazz had a great legacy of classical tradition and lately many musicians accepted influences of Jazz on classical music.

Influences Of Jazz In America On Classical Music

Somehow, you feel least influences of Jazz on classical music, but it is not so. In America, many classical composers dramatically had got influenced by Jazz music. Once go through the compositions of famous American composers and you will find a list of attractive music which are clear influences of Jazz. The famous Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin is a famous example of influence of Jazz music. Apart of it, Music from the Theatre of Aaron Copland is another fabulous example of Jazz music influence on classical music.

European & Contemporary Influence

Jazz was not limited to America, but influences of jazz spread all across the world. Darius Milhaud who was a famous European composer and composed a ballet named “The creation of the world” by using Jazz elements combining with classical music. Moreover, many other European composers also used this idea to create outstanding music.