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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Jean Dupas – The French Art Deco Artist

Art Deco Artist – A Distinctive Type Of Artists

Art deco artist and other general artists have many things that make them different from each other. Their creations, work and values have distinctive approach. They are not general type of artists. Art Deco artists have contributed a lot to art field by developing unique art deco paintings. You cannot imagine the beauty and distinction of art deco paintings and art deco artist work without going through their work. In ancient and renowned museum or art galleries, you can find exclusive work of art deco artist. There are many art deco artists who have got recognition around the world in which name of Jean Dupas who is a French Art Deco artist is quite reputed.

An Introduction Of Art Deco Artist: Jean Dupas

Jean Dupas had worked well as a designer, decorator and a poster artist, however the work and contribution in art deco of this art deco artist is above all. Being an aspiring painter, Dupas created amazing art deco paintings which are still available in the most reputed art galleries. This art deco artist had joined hands with Bordeaux school in which several other famous art deco artists have also associated like Rene Buthaud, Raphael Delorme, Alfred Janniot, Robert Pougheon and Jean Domergue.

Les Pigeons Blanc Is A Masterwork Of Dupas

Les Pigeons Blanc

Although, Dupas has painted several art deco paintings in his lifetime, but some of them have been admired a lot in the whole world. In these art deco paintings, people take the name of Les Pigeons Blanc very respectively. It was famed as the art deco artist masterwork. It is said that this painting was the last work of Dupas in Rome. In this painting, this art deco artist tries to mark out the time of four year which he spent in Villa Medici. The Les Pigeons Blanc, art deco painting won gold medal in 1922.

Recognition Earned From Fruges’ Project

In 1912, Dupas got involved in such an innovative and ambitious work. This commission was related to famous industrialist named Henri Fruges. This Bordeaux industrialist was interested in renovating a new town house. This was named as Palais Ideal. To make it innovating and unique, he occupied several famous art deco artists in which Dupas was a great contributor. Through this work, Fruges desired to explore contemporary art and with the perfect collaboration of art deco artist, this vision became reality. This township art work contributed greatly to the credentials of Jean Dupas.

Participation In The International Art Exhibitions

Apart from individual art projects, Jean Dupas also participated in several art exhibition of international level. This participation made Dupas quite famous throughout the work and his work extended to one country to another in shorter period. In these exhibitions, Grand Exposition Internationale Des Arts Decoratifs is quite renowned one. This exhibition was based on art deco and in this event; Dupas did such an amazing job.