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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Lip Makeup Style during the Art Deco Period

The art deco period or during the 1920s, there were huge changes and improvements in technology, in the economy, and even how women perceive themselves. During the 1920s, women already started to feel a sense of independence and women during the art deco period already start to be rebellious. Women or “flappers” during the 1920s show their rebellious side through smoking, drinking, and even through fashion. In fashion, women started to wear very low hemlines that can make them look seductive yet with class. Hairstyles and makeup styles during the art deco period do also have their distinct style that truly marked the period.

Make up style of the Lips during the 1920s

There were only a few distinct colors used by women during the 1920s for their lip color. During the early 1920s, women or flappers were normally seen wearing deep red colors, brownish red color, plums, and oranges. However, as the decade progresses, women or flappers started to use colors rose, raspberry, and medium reds for their lipstick. No matter how you complete the fashion trend, such as clothes, hairstyle, accessories, and face makeup during the art deco period, you will never get the “flapper” inspired look if you do not know how to apply lip makeup or lipstick the right way and the right style to your lips.

How to Recreate the Cupid’s Bow Lips

Lip Makeup Style during the Art Deco Period

The lip makeup style during the 1920s was referred to as the cupid’s bow lips. It was referred as the cupid’s bow since the makeup is applied just like a shape of a cupid’s bow applied on the upper lip, as well as the lower lip. The cupid’s bow style is not applied just like how lipstick is applied the conventional way. Here is how to recreate or do your own cupid’s bow lip style:

  1. Apply or cover your entire lips (upper and lower) with foundation. Make sure that the foundation you are going to apply to your lips will blend with your entire face’s tone.
  2. Get a lip-liner that has the exact color as the color of your lipstick.
  3. Start drawing or lining your lips at the middle part of the upper lip where there is a lip line.
  4. From the middle of the upper lip, bring the lip-liner upward over your natural lips for about 2mm.
  5. Gently draw a curve from where you stopped at the 2mm point and bring it down to your lips and never reach the edge of your lips.
  6. Repeat to the other side of the lips, and then transfer to the lower lips.

Written instructions or guides in doing the cupid’s bow lips will really look and sound so complicated. When you will get to see an actual image of the cupid’s bow lips, it will really be so easy and simple to accomplish.