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Art Deco Style Ideas & Tips

Long Hairstyles during the Art Deco Period

Even though the bob haircut was the most famous haircut or hairstyle in women during the 1920s or known as the art deco period, not all women followed or got the bob haircut. The famous bob haircut during the 1920s is still being loved by some women today, even famous Hollywood celebrities are still getting the bob haircut. Although during the 1920s, short hairstyles in women or the “flapper hairstyles” were a high fashion look for the rich and famous and many women from various classes of life, there were still women from all walks of life who are still having long hairstyles.

Longer Bob Haircut

There were women during the 1920s who still paid tribute to the iconic bob hairstyle in a somehow different way. Some women got the bob hairstyle but with longer hair. The traditional or original bob haircut was very short and usually exposes the nape (back portion of the neck). The longer bob hairstyle may not be that “long” in terms of length, but when compared to the tradition or usual bob haircut, it can really be considered as “long”. The longer bob haircut’s length is usually in between the jaw and the shoulders, without having to expose the wearer’s nape.

The Chignon Hairstyle

The Chignon Hairstyle

Some women who never dared to cut their hair very short during the 1920s, fearing that they will regret their decision. However, even if some women do not cut their hair very short, they can still fit it with the flapper hairstyle by tucking the rear section of their hair into a low chignon and styling the front portion of the hair in finger waves. Tucking the hair into a low chignon can give a bob haircut effect, which can also allow women to wear a clochet hat that was also a famous fashion accessory during the 1920s.

Finger Wave Hairstyle

During the 1920s, the conventional curling iron that women these days can easily use to get curls on their hair was still not available. Finger waving is a technique to give the hair an S-shaped curls or curves using only a comb, curling lotion, and the women’s fingers. To be able to get the finger wave hairstyle, the hair will be applied with curling lotion and the hair will be shaped into waves using and allowed to dry. Once the curling lotion is dry, the hair will be released and the waves will then be combed out using the fingers or it can be left in place. The finger wave hairstyle can really add volume to the hair.

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