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Mary Pickford – Silent Movie Star

Mary Pickford – A Beautiful Star Of 20s

In 1920’s movie stars, Mary Pickford is an exceptional silent movie star who was also called as “America’s Sweetheart”. Millions filmgoers got delighted by this charismatic personality Mary Pickford. She reigned over film world from year 1909 to 1933 due to her revolutionary performances and eternal beauty. Having curly blonde hair, cute face and innocence like a child on big screen won the hearts of many. In silent movie era, Mary Pickford was a well known and lovable female star. In America or any other place, wherever she went, crowds always mobbed her.

Mary Pickford – An Incredible Actress & Her Personal Life

It is true that Mary Pickford is an incredible star and whoever has seen her films and knows her work experienced her incredibility towards acting. Her performances are still as fresh as it was. This glorious actress was born on 8th April, 1893 in Toronto and at 5 years’ age, she appeared as child actress when her father had died. For her films, she started touring nationally and thus, she soon became a main income source for entire family. After some time, Mary’s brother and sister also started acting. When Mary Pickford was 14 years’ old, she went on Broadway along with a troupe of David Belasco. In 16 year age, Mary turned into a biograph player and started working with D.W.Griffith director.

Mary Pickford

Film Career Of Mary Pickford

Apart from child artist, Mary gained outstanding success as an actress. She acted in several silent movies and emerged in some time as a leading silent movie star. In 1917’s, Mary Pickford was featured in numerous films which include “Poor Little Rich Girl”, “The Little Princess” and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”. In next year 1918, Mary did two films named “M’Liss” and “Stella Maria”. In year 1919, she was seen in several other films which include “The Heart of the Hills” and “The Hoodlum”.

Mary Pickford & Her Relationships

Mary Pickford got married for three times in her life. Every time, she married to an actor. Firstly she got married in year 1911 to Owen Moore and her marriage to this guy was ended in year 1920. Same year 1920, Mary Pickford again married to another actor named Douglas Fairbanks and this marriage was ended up in year 1936. After that in year 1937, Mary again got married for third time with Charles Buddy Rogers. It is said that Mary and her third husband Rogers had adopted two children. In First World War, Mary raised millions of dollars for helping US.

Journey For Filmography Of Mary Pickford

In her film career, Mary Pickford worked with different studios including Biograph, Famous Players, First National, Artcraft, Goldwyn and IMP. Artists of US allowed this actress more financial and artistic control over filmy career. The Best Girl which was released in year 1927 was the last film of Mary Pickford. In this film, Mary worked with Charles Rogers and acting of Mary in this film was greatly admired by many.