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Roaring Twenties Men’s Fashion

Men during early decades, specifically before the 1920s, they were accustomed or used to wearing extremely formal outfits, such as suits. During the 1920s, there were dramatic changes when it came to fashion not only fashion for girls and women, but also fashion for boys and men. For men’s fashion during the 1920s, it became more relaxed and more comfortable, not needing them to wear extremely formal outfits or suits all the time. Fashion for men during the 1920s was also reflected to jazz music, which is very in famous during the 1920s also known as the roaring twenties.

Men’s 1920s Fashion: Jazz Suits

Roaring Twenties Men’s Fashion

For men’s suit that is highly inspired by the then so famous jazz music was called the “jazz suit”. Men’s jazz suit during the 1920s consisted with a tightly fitted jacket with narrow shoulders and a high waist. Jazz suits can be purchased in local tailor shops, while there were some men who preferred to have their jazz suits custom made at tailor shops that are located in Rome. When compared to traditional suits, jazz suits have brighter and bolder colors, which were deemed to be perfect for late night fun and dancing.


Men’s 1920s Fashion: Trousers

Trousers for men during the 1920s became wider when compared to trousers during earlier decades. Wide legged trousers for men during the 1920s were better known as “Oxford Bags”. Oxford bags were designed to further emphasize men’s masculine physique, in such way that there were sharp creases placed down the front area of the pants. Oxford bags were also made to help in drawing other people’s attention to the shoes. To draw other people’s attention to the wearer’s shoes, cuffs were usually added or attached to the bottom of the Oxford bags.

Men’s 1920s Fashion: Accessories

There are still people that are confused on what were really the distinct men’s fashion accessories during the 1920s. It is very common for people to think that suspenders were from the 1920s, as a matter of fact, suspenders lost some popularity during the 1920s, since men from the 1920s already preferred to use slimming belts to hold their pants up. Another famous distinct accessory for men was fashion hats. Hats during the 1920s include fedora hat, cloche hat, top hat, and the slouch hat. Another type of hat that was widely used during summer seasons during the 1920s was the Panama style straw hat.

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